About Us

Guardian Digital Provides Threat-Ready Business Email Protection

Our Mission:
To provide cutting-edge business email security, cost-effective solutions, and unparalleled customer support.

Guardian Digital, Inc. builds enterprise email solutions with an intense focus on security and unrivaled customer support, designed to ease information technology overhead for its customers.

Guardian Digital has created a security-as-a-service email protection model that blocks the most sophisticated threats to privacy and data integrity in your organization today.

Spam Protection rates reaching better than 99% with a false positive rate of below 0.001% and virus protection employing multiple scanners plus enhanced security policies to block botnets using resources from our secure datacenters around the world.

What We Do

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Simply, we meet the need for simple, secure and effective email security solutions that reduce complexity, support overhead and reduce the risk to your employees and business.

Botnets, malware threats, phishing, spam, viruses — advanced cyber attacks are increasingly complex and more difficult to uncover than ever before. Our EnGarde Cloud Email Security business email solution protects against the constantly changing global security threat landscape. Decades of expertise and the innovation made possible by open-source software allow us to provide cutting-edge, up-to-date systems that not only keep up, but stay ahead of today’s threats to privacy and data integrity.

Devotion to our customers is the foundation of everything we do. With hassle-free implementation and management, ongoing support, and customizable and scalable services, we provide a secure cloud email security solution that provides comprehensive protection from known and unknown threats. Our security-as-a-service email protection model blocks the most sophisticated threats to privacy and data integrity in your organization today.

Through the use of Open Source software, a specific concentration on security from the inside out, combined with decades of expertise building secure systems, Guardian Digital is able to uniquely provide cutting-edge solutions to critical business email challenges.

David Wreski, CEO, Guardian Digital

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Guardian Digital was founded by David Wreski in 1999. Wreski has continued to be an innovator in the email security marketplace ever since. An open-source security pioneer and the former cyber security architect for UPS, he knows that security isn’t “just IT” or an afterthought to today’s business leaders — it’s fundamental to a successful business. The innovative systems he’s created ensure that Guardian Digital’s email security systems leverage the benefits of open-source technologies to keep up with the evolving email threat landscape.

Perhaps more importantly, Dave believes that Guardian Digital’s true strength is in its unwavering customer support.