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Email risk doesn’t discriminate - threat actors are targeting businesses of all sizes in  every industry sector with advanced attacks designed to deceive victims into sharing credentials, financial information and other sensitive data that can be exploited for monetary gain. Now is not the time to overlook the importance of effective email security!

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic - and the increase in remote workers using insecure cloud platforms like Office 365 and G Suite  - to craft dangerous attack campaigns which capitalize on the urgency and fear that are characteristic of the current environment. These scams - which security experts have linked to state-backed hacking groups - employ tactics such as impersonating government agencies, advertising fraudulent test kits and asking for donations. Email risk is universal - especially in this heightened digital threat environment. This article will explore the biggest risks that businesses in different industry sectors face and offer advice on how to mitigate these risks with threat-ready email protection.

Mary E. Ziegler, CLTC, Agent of CFS, LLC and Registered Rep. of Park Avenue Securities, elaborates on the growing digital risk that all businesses face, and the importance of effective email security - for financial institutions as well as organizations in other industry sectors. "Security is vital to the customer relationship within every organization, and has grown much more so now that the environment has dictated the necessity for electronic deposits and document delivery." writes Ziegler. "The issue affects every sector with the growing demand to transmit personal information. More advanced email security solutions need to be implemented immediately to protect personal data,” concludes Ziegler.

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