With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, email risk is higher than ever - especially for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The NJ Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warns that threat actors are taking advantage of companies’ and authorities’ increased dependence on email in the midst of this worldwide crisis and are launching sophisticated new phishing campaigns which exploit users’ curiosity and fear. According to the DHS, there has been “an increase in phishing attacks under the guise of coronavirus-themed emails containing attachments”.

Small businesses are at a significant disadvantage: they lack the resources and the staff to keep pace with these emerging threats, and email risk is heightened for these companies as a result. Cyber criminals recognize these shortcomings, and are increasingly directing their attacks at SMBs. Thus, effective email security is more important than ever in this frightening pandemic - especially for small businesses. 


Is it Worth the Risk?

The majority of email attacks don’t discriminate based on the size of your company, although threat actors are arguably shifting their focus to smaller victims. Statistics show that SMBs are the most popular target for ransomware, and small companies have a lot to lose in an email-borne attack. Modern threats such as phishing and malware carry serious consequences for their victims: significant downtime, hefty recovery costs, large fines and ruined reputations, among others.


Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security: Enterprise-Grade Email Protection for SMBs

Guardian Digital recognizes the heightened digital risk that small businesses face during this difficult time, and acknowledges that securing email accounts can be a challenge for small companies. For decades, we have been providing our clients - which range from small businesses to enterprises - with exceptional, affordable protection from the latest email-borne threats. 

Unlike any other provider, we employ a collaborative, transparent approach to software development, which enables us to access tools and resources from a vibrant, worldwide community in a way that no other vendor can. Through this unique and beneficial approach, we are able to offer enterprise-grade protection to SMBs with our premier business email security solution: Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security.

While other email security companies promote frequent patches and updates in an effort to keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape, EnGarde automatically stays a step ahead of the latest threats - constantly updating in real-time as opposed to relying on patches.

At Guardian Digital, we view email security as a process, not a product. We build a relationship with each of our clients, taking ample time to learn about their key assets and specific needs. Our flexible, fully-managed solution seamlessly integrates with businesses’ existing email infrastructure and is accompanied by expert, caring around-the-clock support.

EnGarde uniquely provides your business with:

  • Multi-layered Protection: Multiple security features and technologies intentionally added to an inherently secure foundation are more effective than any single piece of security software. 
  • Lower Cost of Ownership: Transparent source code keeps both start-up and ongoing costs down and minimizes the cost of ownership for clients.
  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI): This adaptive program offers quick and seamless implementation and easily integrates with Office 365 and G-Suite, providing critical additional protection in these vulnerable platforms.
  • Community-Powered Email Vigilance: Our collaborative approach to software development gives our expert engineers access to tools and resources from far beyond our borders - resulting in superior protection for our clients.

Key features of our protection include:

  • Advanced defenses against social engineering and impersonation attacks using next-generation intelligence techniques to detect threats in real-time
  • Email encryption and sender authentication protocols detect fake From addresses and block them automatically
  • Neutralizes threats associated with malicious attachments and links using advanced URL filtering and scanning of broad file types including RTF files, Batch files, and VBS files
  • Scalable cloud-based system simplifies deployment and increases availability
  • Tighter security, adaptive implementation and eliminated risk of vendor lock-in through the use of a community-powered approach to software development
  • Passionate, knowledgeable 24x7x365 customer support services

Want to learn more about safeguarding your business email in this heightened threat environment with Guardian Digital Engarde Cloud Email Security? Speak with a security expert today.

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