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Pioneers of business email security for the past 20 years, Guardian Digital draws on the merits of Open Source coupled with expert engineering and unparalleled customer support. 

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Spear Phishing: A Common and Costly Threat to All Organizations

Spear phishing is currently one of the most serious threats to businesses of all sizes across all industries. Preventing successful spear phishing attacks should be a principal concern for all company owners and managers. Spear phishing, or the act of sending fraudulent emails that appear to be from a known or trusted sender in order to obtain sensitive information, is becoming increasingly common and can have disastrous implications for businesses due to the potential reward for a successful attack and the ease of which it can be implemented.

A visual representation of an open-source business email security gateway

Cloud-based email security solution utilizes the open source methodology for securing business email, recognized by many as the best approach to the problem of maintaining security in the relentlessly dynamic environment of the Internet.

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In this interview Dave Wreski, CEO of Guardian Digital, explains various best practices for securing your email and protecting your privacy.

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Is your solution doing enough to protect your users? This article helps you to decide.

A visual representation of a resilient business email security gateway

Resiliency is an important factor to consider when evaluating an email security solution, yet this characteristic often goes overlooked.

A visual representation of a business email security gateway

With email-related attacks becoming increasingly prevalent and serious, effectively securing your email accounts is more important than ever before.

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