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How to identify and avoid holiday phishing scams

Phishing attacks are in hyperdrive this holiday season. Cybercriminals know that users are distracted and stressed by holiday shopping and preparations - and are taking advantage of this hectic time to lure employees into unknowingly giving up sensitive credentials which can be used to gain access to confidential business information. Although phishing attacks spike during this festive time each year, holiday phishing risk has been heightened due to the recent increase in remote workers, the proliferation of inherently vulnerable and frequently misconfigured cloud platforms and widespread anxiety surrounding the pandemic.

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fileless malware anatomy of an attack

There’s a new type of cyberattack that is surreptitiously threatening your systems, your data and your business - and this one lives up to every bit of the danger and sophistication conveyed in its name: fileless malware.

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How to prevent and recover from ransomware

Imagine this scenario: Your corporate systems are down and your critical files are locked due to one of everyone’s worst nightmares - a ransomware attack. You’re scrambling to recover your data, get back online and resume business operations as quickly as possible to minimize costly downtime and uphold your company’s reputation. 

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How To Recover from a Phishing Attack

Do you suspect that you’ve fallen victim to a phishing attack? Are concerned with the impact that it may have on your business, your productivity, and your reputation - but are unsure of how to proceed? Who should you call? Have critical email accounts or has sensitive financial information been compromised? 

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In this paradigm shift for business driven by the rapid transition to a remote workforce, there appears to be a real need for a shift in securing the digital premise in order to maintain, or even enhance, business continuity and success. AT&T Cybersecurity researchers have cited a “relationship between business success and a commitment to strong security”, reporting that 91% of companies that lag in cybersecurity miss revenue goals, while 57% of companies that lead in this increasingly critical area exceed revenue goals by over seven percent. 

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Phishing is the predominant modern cyber threat, and is currently undermining the security and integrity of the upcoming presidential election. Tensions surrounding the 2020 presidential election are higher than ever - presenting cyber thieves with the perfect environment to launch dangerous, timely phishing attacks designed to steal sensitive credentials and large sums of money from victims.

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