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Top Email Security Trends Putting Your Business at Risk of Attack in 2021

Since the beginning the COVID-19 crisis, there has been a seismic shift in the way businesses operate. With a large portion of the global workforce now working remotely - a trend that will likely continue even after we emerge from this pandemic, email use for business communications is at an all-time high - and so is the email-borne risk that all businesses face daily.

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Are Employees the Weakest Link in Your Email Security Strategy?

When determining your email risk and assessing your email security strategy, it is common for administrators and IT professionals to focus on the threat that outsiders pose to their organization. While this is a valid concern, the critical mistake that is made far too frequently is failure to address the role that employees play in many attacks and breaches. 

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Open Source Email Security editors have a seat with Dave Wreski, CEO of Guardian Digital, Inc. and respected author of various hardened security and Linux publications including the revolutionary Linux Security HOWTO, to talk about Guardian Digital’s unique open-source approach to securing business email.

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email viruses explained

You’re probably familiar with email viruses and the unpleasant consequences they can have for users, but are you aware of the serious implications that an infection could have for your company?

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Social Engineering Attacks

In a previous blog post Think Like A Criminal: How To Write A Phishing Email, we examine phishing from the eyes of an attacker to help you understand and protect against this notorious email scam that is to blame for over 90% of all cyberattacks. In this article, we'll take a look at social engineering - or techniques that attackers employ to manipulate psychology. Considering 98% of all cyber attacks rely on social engineering, we want to provide you with information on the topic and advice for protecting against social engineering attacks that you can use to safeguard your users and key business assets. Here is what you need to know about social engineering in 2021.

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Despite the existing email protection provided by Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) in Microsoft 365, 85% of users have experienced an email data breach over the past year. This article will explore where Microsoft 365 email security falls short in safeguarding users and key business assets against credential phishing, account takeovers and the other dangerous threats that cloud email users face daily, and the type of proactive, layered supplementary protection that is required to make Microsoft 365 email safe for business.

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