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Ten months into this unprecedented pandemic, there has been a seismic shift in the way businesses operate. With a large portion of the global workforce now working remotely, businesses’ reliance on cloud email has reached all-time high - and so has the digital risk that users and organizations face online daily. Cloud email has become a favorite target among cyber criminals, who are exploiting frequent misconfigurations, inadequate built-in protection and the inherent uniformity of cloud platforms to steal sensitive data and deliver dangerous malware in sophisticated, evasive attack campaigns.

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In this era of sophisticated modern cyberattacks, how can you be sure that the email in your inbox is really from your bank? Can the link within it really be trusted?

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Migrating business email to the cloud

Email has been a central component of business operations for decades, and has become an increasingly vital communication tool in our current remote work environment. While organizations’ email services were traditionally provided on-premises, there has been a rapid, widespread migration to cloud email platforms like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace to accommodate remote workers, cut costs and increase operational efficiency. There are currently over 200 million users actively subscribed to Office 365 for email and collaboration services - a pretty incredible number given that only four years ago Gartner reported that 90% of companies worldwide were still using on-premises email.

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How to identify and avoid holiday phishing scams

Phishing attacks are in hyperdrive this holiday season. Cybercriminals know that users are distracted and stressed by holiday shopping and preparations - and are taking advantage of this hectic time to lure employees into unknowingly giving up sensitive credentials which can be used to gain access to confidential business information. Although phishing attacks spike during this festive time each year, holiday phishing risk has been heightened due to the recent increase in remote workers, the proliferation of inherently vulnerable and frequently misconfigured cloud platforms and widespread anxiety surrounding the pandemic.

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Fortify Office 365 email with critical supplementary security defenses

With over 200 million users actively subscribed to Office 365 for email and collaboration services, Microsoft has clearly demonstrated its domination in the realm of computer software, technology and related services. However, with the recent proliferation of Office 365 use for business, one troubling trend has become increasingly apparent: inadequate built-in security defenses and unpatched vulnerabilities frequently leave users and critical data vulnerable to attack in Office 365.

Do you think your Office 365 email might have been compromised?

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fileless malware anatomy of an attack

There’s a new type of cyberattack that is surreptitiously threatening your systems, your data and your business - and this one lives up to every bit of the danger and sophistication conveyed in its name: fileless malware.

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How to prevent and recover from ransomware

Imagine this scenario: Your corporate systems are down and your critical files are locked due to one of everyone’s worst nightmares - a ransomware attack. You’re scrambling to recover your data, get back online and resume business operations as quickly as possible to minimize costly downtime and uphold your company’s reputation. 

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