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Imagine this:

You receive an email that reads “Hi Joe, I need you to do a transfer for me before EOB. Please email the required details you will need.” Would you question the legitimacy of this message? Would you reply?

What is spear phishing?

Imagine this scenario..

When it comes to email security, many businesses have the misconception that the “one size fits all” approach that Microsoft or Google provide within its default Outlook and GSuite is enough to effectively protect their users from today’s sophisticated email threats. This could not be further from the truth.  

Most people are somewhat familiar with prevalent and dangerous email threats like phishing and malware; however, the methods utilized in these attack variations and the most effective way to combat these threats can be complex and confusing. Guardian Digital wants to educate businesses about common and costly email attacks, helping them navigate the complicated threat landscape with the latest information and the email security language they need to know to keep their users secure. 

A visual representation of cyber security

Brittany Day recently had a conversation with acclaimed cyber security expert Ira Winkler, author of  Advanced Persistent Security: A Cyberwarfare Approach. Mr. Winkler is a security researcher and a former NSA employee who writes about cyber security and enterprise digital threat protection. 

A visual representation of Open Source

In the tech giant’s largest deal ever and one of the biggest deals in US history, IBM closed its $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat on Tuesday July 9, 2019.

Pioneers of business email security for the past 20 years, Guardian Digital draws on the merits of Open Source coupled with expert engineering and unparalleled customer support. 

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