Frequently Asked Questions

With the rise in email attacks leveraging malicious URLs, implementing effective malicious URL protection is becoming an increasingly important aspect of businesses' cyber security strategy.

Is Office 365 email secure?

One common question among companies considering office 365 is “Is it secure?” Simply put without critical additional layers of defenses, Office 365 email is alarmingly insecure.

The security features that constitute Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) - the default protection in Office 365 - are insufficient, leaving users vulnerable to credential phishing, account takeovers and other dangerous exploits.

According to Osterman Research, despite existing protection, an astounding 40% of Office 365 customers have experienced credential theft nevertheless. Rushed Office 365 deployments frequently lead to misconfiguration of email, further increasing risk in this popular cloud platform. Read more about Office 365 Email Security Solution & what it takes to make emails, which is lifeblood of your company, most secure on cloud.