Financial Services: Safeguard Sensitive Data and Maintain Client Trust

Modernize Your Email Defense Strategy and Secure Your Organization for the Future Now

The financial services industry is evolving - and cybercriminals are keeping pace, targeting companies in this sector with sophisticated email attacks designed to obtain account credentials, compromise sensitive data and steal money. An increasingly large number of financial institutions are moving to Office 365 - magnifying the digital risk that these companies face. Reputation is everything in the financial industry, yet can be instantly obliterated with one wrong click. What is your strategy for protecting your critical data and safeguarding your reputation in this new reality?

Email Risk is Big in the Financial Services Industry

Financial services companies face a host of persistent email threats daily. Some of the most common and dangerous attacks targeting these organizations include:

These dangerous impersonation scams - which thrive during tax season - can be used to gain access to a companies’ direct deposit payroll system or steal valuable W-2 information, which can either be used to file fraudulent tax returns or sold on the dark web.

This destructive type of malware encrypts computer files and demands payment for access to a digital key needed to decrypt them, and can have devastating consequences for companies including significant downtime, financial loss and serious reputation damage.

This sophisticated email scam, which involves an attacker obtaining access to a corporate email account and sending fraudulent emails under the identity of the account owner, is widespread in the financial services industry, and has generated losses of $26 billion worldwide.

Defend Against Emerging Attacks with Threat-Ready Email Vigilance

As criminals become more creative, it’s up to all of us to become more vigilant. For the past 20 years, we’ve been protecting our clients in the financial services sector against emerging exploits targeting the industry - and have remained on the front line of email defense in this heightened threat environment brought on by COVID-19. Key benefits of securing your business email with Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security include:

Through a defense-in-depth approach to security, the use of a collaborative open-source development model and over 20 years of industry expertise, we keep businesses ahead of the latest, most sophisticated email attacks.



We implement multiple email authentication protocols to protect our clients from sender fraud, email spoofing and impersonation attacks. We scrutinize each email using hundreds of thousands of attributes of that email to determine whether it’s safe for you to open prior to it being received.


Cyber thieves use malicious URLs embedded in phishing emails to redirect users to fraudulent websites where they collect users’ credentials. We scan all URLs in real-time to detect malicious links leading to compromise. We also analyze all email attachments for ransomware and other malicious code, which can halt operations if downloaded onto your systems.


To ensure that your critical information remains safe, we implement layered email authentication standards and protocols - assuring that every email our customers receive is from who it says it’s from - not some malicious actor claiming to be the sender.


Microsoft and Google are great at doing email - but not so great at email security. We provide Office 365 and G Suite users with critical additional layers of defenses, offering seamless integration and delivering a rapid return on investment (ROI).


“Guardian Digital has become a valued partner of Commerce Bank due to their depth of security and continued dedication in assisting us to protect our critical business communications.”


We’re Here to Help You Successfully Navigate This Time of Crisis and Plan for the Future.

We partner with you to understand the threats you face, work with you to manage the protection needed to keep you safe and maintain the level of vigilance required to safeguard your organization from emerging threats.


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