Protect Microsoft Exchange Against Advanced Attacks and Email Spam

Protect Microsoft Exchange with Guardian Digital EnGarde Email Security Gateway

Microsoft Exchange is a popular email server among businesses, yet the built-in security features that comprise Exchange Online Protection (EOP) are glaringly insufficient in safeguarding businesses against today’s advanced email threats. EOP relies solely on traditional filtering techniques, which are ineffective in combating sophisticated attacks such as ransomware, spear phishing and zero-day exploits.

Guardian Digital recognizes that in the context of the modern digital threat landscape, companies using Microsoft Exchange as an email host require additional protection to secure their email accounts. Guardian Digital’s premier business email security gateway solution, EnGarde Email Security Gateway, seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Exchange email server, providing multiple layers of advanced security features that effectively complement Microsoft EOP’s default protection. EnGarde offers comprehensive, fully-managed email vigilance that EOP is unable to provide.