Office 365: How to Protect Business Email From Cyber Thieves

Guardian Digital Secures Office 365 Against the Cost of Credential Phishing and Account Takeovers

Office 365 has over 180 million monthly users - adding more than 50 thousand per month - so it’s no surprise that its email system is a popular target among Internet thieves.

As phishing attacks become increasingly sophisticated, Office 365 becomes an even bigger target. Despite existing Office 365 protection, Osterman Research reports an astounding 40% of Office 365 customers have experienced credential theft nevertheless. 

In this guide, we take a look at the inadequacies with Office 365 security:

  • Microsoft Office 365 vulnerabilities and the dangerous and sophisticated attacks that threaten Office 365 users
  • How to take advantage of the freedom, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Office 365 without sacrificing security 
  • Fortifying Office 365 email with Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security, a solution that exceeds the built-in security features of Office 365 and provides additional layers of real-time security against ever-evolving cyber-threats 

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