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    gdlinux Security researcher @hak1mlukha has discovered a huge cache of data for millions of @instagram accounts, publicly accessible for everyone to see. This data includes sensitive info that cybercriminals could use to carry out highly targeted attacks. @TechCrunch
    12:53PM May 22
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    gdlinux Are you a @gsuite user? @Google has revealed that it discovered a bug that caused a subset of its enterprise G Suite customers' passwords to be stored in an unhashed form for 14yrs. Although this issue has been fixed, users should protect themselves with MFA. @thenextweb #privacy
    12:39PM May 22
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    gdlinux You've probably heard a lot about #AI recently, and perhaps fear the fact that it could potentially replace human jobs. However, have you considered that #ArtificialInteligence has collaborative and job-creating attributes as well? What are your thoughts on this? @thenextweb
    07:04PM May 21
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    gdlinux A @Huawei representative has said that the company was the "victim of bullying by the US administration" and that this was an attack on the "liberal, rules-based order". Although it has been cut off from @Android , Huawei can still use Android's #opensource version. @engadget
    06:56PM May 21
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    gdlinux #Spam can be aggravating, harmful and (only in the case of this picture) funny! #Spamemail is a serious matter, and can result in a decrease in employee productivity. How are you protecting your email accounts from spam? guardiandigital.com/advanced-threat-protection/spam-protection-measures#anti_virus @SPAMbrand @EmailSpamNews pic.twitter.com/s1N6jBG8l3
    10:34PM May 20

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The security improvements [over standard distribution packages] in Guardian Digital's products not only reduce the risk of cracker attacks, but also the financial risk and business downtime.
Wreski says Guardian Digital turned profitable eight months ago and is growing by 10% each quarter, much faster than the low single-digit growth for the overall security sector, according to tech consultancy Gartner.
Dave Wreski, CEO of Guardian Digital, told NewsFactor that the average Linux distribution "tries to be all things to all people," which makes it difficult to secure the system.

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