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    gdlinux Organizations of all sizes are frequent targets for #hackers , but did you know that other than one hack in 2011, the last time a #databreach affecting Congress was publicized was in March 2009? Effective #emailsecurity is critical in preventing hacks, leaks and breaches. @gcluley
    05:35PM Mar 14
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    gdlinux According to @4IQsolutions , there were 12,449 new data breaches in 2018. More surprisingly, the average breach size 4.7 times smaller than in 2017. SMBs often lack the resources and skills necessary to defend against #cyberattacks , making them popular targets for cyber criminals.
    05:02PM Mar 13
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    gdlinux Jackson County, Georgia, has paid $400,000 to eliminate #ransomware that has prevented officials from accessing their IT systems since March 1. If ransomware can have this profound of an effect on entire county, think of how devastating an attack could be for an SMB. @campuscodi
    06:25PM Mar 09
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    gdlinux At the @RSAConference , @NSAGov demonstrated Ghidra, a tool that it has chosen to open source. The NSA emphasized that #opensource allows for maximum collaboration and customizability. Learn about the security benefits of Open Source: bit.ly/2TBZego @WIRED @opensourceway
    07:14PM Mar 06
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    gdlinux @Wendys will pay $50M as a result of a #databreach in 2015-2016. Customer payment card info was stolen after #malware was installed through a third-party vendor. Email is the #1 delivery vehicle for malware and #ransomware . Are you protected? bit.ly/2VcALLI @SCMagazine
    07:07PM Feb 26

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The security improvements [over standard distribution packages] in Guardian Digital's products not only reduce the risk of cracker attacks, but also the financial risk and business downtime.
Wreski says Guardian Digital turned profitable eight months ago and is growing by 10% each quarter, much faster than the low single-digit growth for the overall security sector, according to tech consultancy Gartner.
Dave Wreski, CEO of Guardian Digital, told NewsFactor that the average Linux distribution "tries to be all things to all people," which makes it difficult to secure the system.

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