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Guardian Digital Makes Email Safe For Business Since 1999

Apr 15, 2021- United States - Guardian Digital protects against email threats like phishing, ransomware and zero-day attacks that initiate the cyberattacks, breaches and data loss that define the modern threat landscape. Unlike any other vendor, Guardian Digital recognizes that effective email security is a combination of purpose-driven technology, expert ongoing system management and accessible, real-time business intelligence. 


Guardian Digital’s email protection is a fully-managed cloud-based solution suitable for companies of all sizes that equips businesses with the innovative technology and cybersecurity expertise required to block advanced threats like targeted spear phishing and ransomware, make informed cybersecurity business decisions and safeguard their users, their data and their brand from expensive, damaging attacks and breaches.

Guardian Digital key features include: 

Proactive, Multi-Layered Protection. Fully Supported - Cloud Email Security

Guardian Digital’s multi-layered email protection suite - EnGarde Cloud Email Security - is uniquely powered by Open Source - the same technology that powers the Internet itself and is rapidly being adopted by tech giants worldwide. This defining approach allows Guardian Digital engineers to tap into global resources in a way that no other vendor can, and offer flexible, affordable enterprise-class protection to businesses of all sizes. It also enables Guardian Digital clients to benefit from real-time updates, keeping  them safe from phishing, zero-day attacks, BEC, and emerging threats.

EnGarde’s comprehensive real-time protection includes malicious URL protection, layered email authentication protocols implemented to the fullest, predictive spam and virus detection and AI-powered analytic engines that track and analyze hundreds of thousands of email attributes including behavior, sender and domain reputation and message content. The solution is an ideal fit for businesses looking to make Microsoft 365 or Workspace email - which is highly vulnerable to attack without effective supplementary protection in place - safe for business. EnGarde seamlessly integrates with and fortifies Microsoft 365 and Workspace email against credential phishing, ransomware and other dangerous threats that are rampant in these platforms, designed specifically to complement existing cloud email protection with flexible, intuitive supplementary defenses.

EnGarde is fully-managed by a team of security experts who become a valuable extension of clients’ IT teams - handling the setup, monitoring and maintenance of their systems and freeing up resources while enhancing security. They have an FAQ section where they answer questions which users might have with respect to email security, email threats and cyber security in general.

screenshot-1.jpgComplete Visibility & Granular Control 

Guardian Digital has engineered a fully-automated real-time Dashboa
rd administrative portal for its EnGarde Cloud Email Security. This interactive Dashboard provid
es complete visibility into the threats targeting each client, equipping them with information they can act on to improve and better enforce company security policies and optimize cybersecurity planning. Guardian Digital experts complement the data and integrated reporting that the Dashboard provides with ongoing assessments of clients’ risk to help them understand who within their organization is in most danger, and identifying proactive measures they can take to protect them. 


In today’s increasingly dangerous and complex email threat landscape, having intelligent, fully-supported email defenses in place can have an immense impact on any company’s safety and success. 

Guardian Digital recognizes that effective modern email security is a process - not a product - and that securing email is not just a cybersecurity decision, but rather a business decision. Guardian Digital partners with businesses of all sizes in all industries worldwide in safeguarding their most critical assets and equipping them with insight they can use to run their business more effectively, efficiently and securely.