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Data beaches are a serious and persistent threat to businesses in the hospitality industry. Fast food chains, large retailers, and every major hotel chain have been victims. The rise in online travel companies, online ordering, online delivery services have led to a larger landscape for threat actors to attack.

Hospitality companies collect copious amounts of personal information from their guests - which is invaluable to cybercriminals. This data can be used to carry out highly deceptive impersonation scams, often leading to other social engineering attacks and, in many cases, identity theft. For this reason, businesses in the hospitality sector are very attractive targets for dangerous email attacks including spear phishing and business email compromise (BEC)

Although the number of reported breaches impacting businesses within the hospitality and service sector has decreased over the past year, the magnitude of these breaches is on the rise. In the notorious Marriott Hotels data breach, the personal information of roughly 500 million guests was compromised. In another massive breach, personal data of 4.9 million DoorDash customers, drivers and merchants - including credit card and bank account information - was exposed.

Having an effective email security strategy in place is imperative to hospitality and service companies’ safety and success. The best defenses against advanced modern threats involve working with the key people, executives, and digital assets within an organization to ensure a comprehensive approach to risk management to address new threats is put in place.

We’ve also compiled a list of general technology best practices that organizations can follow to protect their business in any industry.

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