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Apache SpamAssassin celebrates its 18th birthday this year, a huge accomplishment for everyone who has contributed to the open-source project for nearly the past two decades. SpamAssassin, a renowned and respected open-source anti-spam platform, provides a secure, reliable framework upon which companies can build highly effective spam filtering and email security solutions.
Email Malware protection
When you open up your email to check your inbox, does malware and the serious threat that it poses to you and your company on a daily basis ever cross your mind? It certainly should.
Guardian Digital has selected Mautic to help automate aspects of its marketing strategy and to successfully meet current and future marketing challenges. Mautic is excited about working with Guardian Digital, and recently conducted an interview with Guardian Digital CEO Dave Wreski and Sr. Manager of Customer Development Betty Friedel about why they chose Mautic and what they hope to accomplish with Mautic’s marketing automation services.
Most people are familiar with phishing and ransomware because these attacks receive frequent coverage in the media. However, business email compromise (BEC), which involves a criminal gaining access to a corporate email account and spoofing the account owner’s identity in order to steal money, is another very dangerous and surprisingly prevalent email attack that gets far less attention.
Imagine this: You receive an email that reads “Hi Joe, I need you to do a transfer for me before EOB. Please email the required details you will need.” Would you question the legitimacy of this message? Would you reply? Although an email like this may come across as fairly typical and harmless, there is a good chance that it is a whaling attempt which could have devastating consequences for you and your company.
a man opening email with spear phishing protection on
Spear phishing is the act of sending fraudulent emails that appear to be from a known or trusted sender in order to obtain sensitive information. In this highly targeted variation of phishing, messages often appear to be from someone you know such as a company colleague, your bank, a family member or a friend.

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