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Email has now become an integral facet of daily life. Many companies almost exclusively rely on email for communicating with staff, clients and vendors. This typically applies to every industry and sector, and most people don’t give the emails they send throughout the day a second thought, this includes the attachments that are a part of those messages.
The information management landscape is changing with new and more strict legal and regulatory requirements. Additionally, the ongoing accumulation of electronic information is creating new risks and challenges for companies that occur globally. If your strategy hasn’t changed in recent years, it’s likely outdated and you may be non-compliant. Traditional strategies fail to meet these new requirements, driving many companies to re-examine how they manage information.
The net was a very different place when internet email was introduced to the world back in 1982. Then, it was mainly populated by technical people from a few academic institutions. Security was not yet a concerning issue and those involved were enthusiastic and cooperative. Because of this, they decided that there was no need to protect email messages with any kind of digital envelope as they traveled over the Internet.
Wondering how criminals attack credit unions through email? If yes, you've come to the right spot to get to know everything about the credit union email security!
Brand indicators for message identification (BIMI) is a standard that attaches your logo to your authenticated email messages to provide a level of assurance that the message is really from the brand it appears to be from. Recipients can recognize and trust the messages you send with this simple, visual verification. BIMI is an open framework designed to provide an organization with the ability to control which logos are displayed with their email messages. This article will discuss the uses of BIMI, as well as the required steps to properly support and implement BIMI for your company.
Looking to secure your email communications? SSL/TLS protocols can help through enhanced email encryption and securing sensitive data. 

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