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What is a Brute-Force Attack?
A brute-force attack is a type of cyberattack that involves an attacker attempting to guess a password or encryption key by trying every possible combination until the correct one is found. Brute-force attacks remain a popular choice among cybercriminals due to their simplicity and effectiveness, despite being one of the most straightforward and time-consuming attack methods.
How Guardian Digital Stops Impersonation Attacks
Impersonation attacks such as CEO Fraud, Whaling, and Business Email Compromise are easy to build and easy to execute, even for malicious hackers who don’t have experience. Threat actors typically create fraudulent websites or send out fake emails from seemingly legitimate-looking domains.
How to Strengthen Your Ransomware Prevention Plan
Ransomware is still one of the most significant malware attack vectors today. Many employees still fall victim to ransomware, as email remains the main method of communication among businesses. How can organizations strengthen their ransomware prevention plans with such a significant challenge to stop these attacks? This article will discuss how to start a ransomware protection plan, strengthen an existing one, and the consequences of not having protective measures. 
What We've Learned About The Best Ransomware Protection
If growth trends of ransomware attacks seen in 2022 are indicators of the future, security teams can expect to see this attack become even more popular in 2023. The most crucial factor to consider is your protection strategy against ransomware.
Why Traditional Security Solutions Aren’t Stopping Ransomware
In the last year, almost 40% of organizations with existing security prevention and backup tools were hit by ransomware attacks. Traditional cybersecurity products are no longer enough to protect organizations against viruses and hacking attempts as today's cyber threats are more prevalent, more sophisticated, and more destructive, requiring more robust security defenses.
Fraudulent Invoice Attacks Continue To Evade Detection in Microsoft 365
For the past several years, emails with fake invoices have been a popular method of attack against Microsoft 365 users. Malicious emails are disguised and typically sent to employees responsible for handling a bill for a service.

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