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Are Employees the Weakest Link in Your Email Security Strategy?
When determining your email risk and assessing your email security strategy, it is common for administrators and IT professionals to focus on the threat that outsiders pose to their organization. While this is a valid concern, the critical mistake that is made far too frequently is the failure to address the role that employees play in many attacks and breaches. 
Email Security in 2024: A Look at Three Emerging Trends
In 2023, the world underwent significant post-pandemic changes, with technological advances at the forefront. New trends and challenges have emerged that we will see continue to grow as the world of technology becomes increasingly advanced.
Artificial Intelligence: A Powerful Tool and A Growing Threat for Cybercriminals
Artificial Intelligence (AI), or knowledge-holding machines and software, as opposed to the intelligence of humans and animals, has become one of the most valuable tools in the tech, government, science, and entertainment industries.
Cyber Law in the Realm of Open-Source Software Security
Because of technological advances and changes in the digital industry, the connection between open-source software and cyber laws has become vital. There are many complexities when discussing the intersection of cyber law and Open Source.
Guide To Avoiding the Growing Threat of QR Code Phishing
In a QR code phishing attack, or quishing, the QR code serves the same purpose as a malicious link in a classic phishing email attack. If you scan the code, you might be redirected to a phishing website. Scammers have grown increasingly skilled at imitating the homepages of legitimate organizations.
Cyber Threat Hunting with Observability: Uncovering Hidden Risks
The modern cybersecurity landscape is not static. A deluge of dynamic risks threatens businesses and individuals alike. Some of the biggest businesses in the world have been hurt to the tune of billions by successful breaches.

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