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The Impact of Artificial and Human Intelligence on Email Security
Artificial intelligence has not only found its way out of science fiction and into the realm of reality, but it has also become highly prevalent in today's industries. In the process, a new debate has emerged, pitting the two models against each other.
Ransomware Attacks on Schools Average 3 Weeks Downtime, 9 Months to Recover
Ransomware is a dangerous type of malware created to deny access to files through encryption until a set amount of currency is met, hence the name ransom-ware. The most common channel of attack is through email, using tactics such as phishing to lure users using fraudulent email attachments to block files.
PCI DSS Compliance for Cloud Services - Everything You Should Know
PCI DSS Compliance is a global payment card data security standard designed to ensure secure payment card transactions and processing online. Organizations that deal with sensitive card data must ensure compliance with this standard for establishing a high level of security.
Email Security Best Practices to Safeguard Your Business in 2023
Previously, email security best practices could be easily summarized: use strong passwords, block spammers, don't trust offers that are too good to be true and verify requests even from trusted sources. Today, email is critical to business success, and the preferred method of communication requires a stronger set of best practices to protect against costly cyber threats such as ransomware and business email compromise (BEC).
Shadow IT and the Future of Cybersecurity
The term shadow IT sounds spooky and scary, like a ghost is haunting your IT infrastructure or cybersecurity space. Today, with the rapid adoption of cloud technologies, shadow IT is an open invitation to malicious hackers.
Guardian Digital Perspective on Gartner’s Top Cyber Predictions for 2023
As 2023 begins, the cyber threat landscape has never been more dynamic and dangerous. Over the last year, the average cost of cybercrime for an organization has increased by $1.4 million to $13 million with the average number of data breach rising by 11% to 145, a trend that is expected to be magnified in the New Year.

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