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Is Zero Trust Beneficial For Businesses?
Zero Trust might be the most cryptic and hyped trend in cybersecurity currently. Beyond being a trend, it's also a fundamental concept and represents the best hope of stopping the significant cyberattack increase.
Combating the Cyber Risks of Misconfigured Cloud Services
Cloud misconfigurations continue to be one of the biggest threats to cloud security, according to the National Security Agency (NSA). A 2022 IBM study found that cloud vulnerabilities have grown 28% since the previous year, with a 200% increase in cloud accounts offered on the dark web within the same timeframe.
The Cost of Phishing For Businesses
  Since the first phishing email sometime around 1995, cybercriminals have used phishing emails as a gateway to gaining access to sensitive information. Unfortunately, there are no signs of phishing attacks slowing down as it is a lucrative business that profits from activities such as direct ransomware attacks.
What Is A Business Impersonation Attack?
An impersonation attack is a cybercrime in which a criminal poses as a trusted person or organization to steal confidential data or money. Attackers use social engineering tactics to assume an identity by either compromising an account or creating a lookalike and convincing targets to complete routine tasks such as paying an invoice, sharing a file, or opening a link.
What Is S/MIME and How Can It Secure Email?
Have you ever given any thought to how secure they are? If you haven’t, you’re not the only one. Nevertheless, we all have to take security seriously in the modern world. This article will give you the low-down on everything you need to know about the S/MIME encryption protocol for email.
How to Create an Effective Cybersecurity Business Continuity Plan
You may hope you never need it, but a business continuity plan is necessary to keep your business running in a compromising cyberattack or security event. That may also include a single office being offline because of a natural disaster or the pandemic; the last thing you want to do during a crisis is to begin preparing a plan.

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