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Facebook Scams That Seek the Vulnerable: How to Protect Your Sensitive Data
If you think that the most common scams in the world involve money, you would be right! Money is typically the motive when individuals or businesses find themselves in a situation where they are hacked.
What Is Cloud Email Security & How Does It Benefit Businesses?
Imagine a user is trying to communicate with their coworker or even boss using their cloud-based email. Everything was going well until they realized the person they were emailing wasn’t who they said they were. These attacks and others happen to 1 in 2 American Internet users.
Seven Effective Strategies for Securing Company Data
Securing sensitive company data is essential to running a business. Whether your job is to manage IT issues or you're a part of marketing, accounting, or any other department, you have the access to confidential information that you need to keep private. Data loss and compromise are serious threats that all businesses face.
Critical Steps to Take When Your Content Is Being Shared or Sold Illegally
In today's digital world, content is the undisputed king, forming the bedrock of communication for businesses and creators through insightful articles, informative webinars, or dynamic social media posts. Each piece of content embodies the creator's intense effort, skill, and creativity.
How To Spot A DocuSign Scam Email
DocuSign phishing is an email scam that looks like it's coming from DocuSign, a popular service that allows you to sign contracts and other documents electronically instead of physically but is not. This type of phishing aims to gather important information, like passwords and credit card numbers.
What To Do If Your Business Email Gets Hacked
Many businesses worry about cybersecurity and train staff to recognize phishing attacks and scams. However, companies often do not consider the possibility of their email accounts getting hacked.

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