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Why Do Over 90% of Cyberattacks Begin with an Email?
A cyberattack is an attempt to damage or destroy a computer system or network. In the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, it's crucial to stay one step ahead of the adversaries.
Why Is Machine Learning (ML) Beneficial in Security?
Machine Learning algorithms are powerful tools that can identify patterns and make predictions based on what they have learned from large amounts of data. It's incredible how they can be used for image and speech recognition and natural language processing, among other purposes.
What Is a Cyberattack?
Cyberattacks, or attempts to damage or destroy a computer system or network, are becoming increasingly prevalent and problematic for users and businesses. According to Embroker, 66% of users have experienced a cyberattack in the past 12 months.
Email Security Intelligence - How to Protect Sensitive Data & Maintain Client Trust in Financial Services Industry
The financial services industry is rapidly transforming to meet clients’ evolving needs. Banks, credit unions and other financial services organizations are mobilizing their people and technology to maximize speed, choice and convenience for their customers. These changes are presenting companies with new challenges and increased digital risk, with email-borne attacks being the predominant concern. Over ninety percent of all cyberattacks and breaches - which can shake any comany in this industry to the core with data theft, expensive downtime and lost client trust - can be attributed to email-borne phishing attacks.
Cyber Risk Is On the Rise: How To Ensure Preparedness
In our modern world of connectivity, the risk of cyber threats is increasing exponentially. The expenses related to cyber data breach are rising rapidly, and the consequences for businesses can be catastrophic.
 Revolutionizing Email Security: The Evolution of EnGarde Secure Linux to EnGarde Cloud Email Security
There’s a story behind every company and every product. At Guardian Digital, this story began with the inception of a foundationally secure, highly customizable server-only Linux distribution, EnGarde Secure Linux, in 2001.

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