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The Importance of Business Process Management in Cybersecurity
Business process management (BPM) is a specialty that combines several methods to improve and optimize business processes and is key to aligning information technology and operational technology investments to business strategy. IT systems are used for data-centric computing, OT systems monitor events, processes, and devices, and make adjustments in enterprise and industrial operations.
Why a Zero-Trust Model for Email Security is Critical
Zero-trust security is a policy consisting of zero trust among users, providers, network traffic, and even those inside the network. Zero-trust policies allow you to take a network breach as a given and assume that all activity is malicious while forcing you to ask how to best protect assets and whether the network itself can be trusted.
Why Businesses Are Unprepared For Cyberattacks
Cyberattacks tend to occur quickly and when you least expect them, making the responsibility of responding appropriately a task for both your cybersecurity team and individual employees. All staff, ranging from the board of directors, and company executives, to managers, and team members have to be aware of their responsibilities before a cyberattack can cause severe and lasting damage to the organization.
The Difference Between Phishing and Spear-Phishing
Phishing attacks are an ongoing problem for internet users, aiming to manipulate targets with promises of riches, or other cleverly worded incentives. Phishing and spear-phishing are variant forms of an email attack that typically involve opening a malicious link or attachment. The primary difference between them is a matter of targeting.
How A Virus Sent An Email To All My Contacts
Every day, users receive emails from companies they aren’t familiar with. It seems harmless enough, but opening a malicious email can compromise your private information.
The Link Between Cybersecurity & Business: Understanding Economic Drivers & Impact of Cyber-risk
In the digital era, new risks are constantly emerging, even connecting to the Internet runs the risk of a hacker targeting your organization. Technological advances in recent years have led to businesses adopting more convenient methods of carrying out their operations, such as implementing the cloud to store sensitive data. Financial and reputational risks are also high for organizations that don’t have an appropriate cybersecurity plan.

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