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How to Spot A Cyber Extortion Scam
Any time you use the internet, you face numerous risks to your sensitive information. If that information were to be compromised, attackers would likely demand a financial exchange to keep them from causing harm.
Are You Certain That Your Email Security Solution is Virus-Proof?
Most people don't realize the importance of email security, which is to their detriment as emails are a prime vector for hackers to attack. Email is the preferred method of communication among businesses and because most computer viruses can be found within email messages, more users are targeted victims of malware, worms, and phishing attacks.
What Is the Impact of a Cyberattack or Data Breach on Businesses?
Cyberattacks are a serious risk for businesses, and 56% of Americans are unaware of what steps to take to prevent or in the event of a data breach. The goal of a cyberattack is to gain access to information systems and networks, devices, and infrastructures, by using one of several methods that are able to steal or destroy data.
Identity Theft & Email Security
Identity theft has been a problem for years and has only worsened as we have moved online. It is now a problem that hits millions of users and costs billions of dollars. As businesses collect more private data, typically for marketing purposes, more risk is created. Combined with the fact that hackers are getting more sophisticated and data breach more common, there is a high probability that your information will fall into the hands of third parties.
See Yourself in Cyber: The Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness Month for YOUR Business
October has been known as Cybersecurity Awareness Month since the President of the United States and Congress declared it in 2004. The goal of this annual campaign is to help users keep themselves protected online from threats as technology grows and compromised data becomes increasingly grows more common.
Records Management - Complete Guide on Information Records Management
Many growing companies are undergoing a journey of digital transformation, making creating and managing documents digitally a essential step in the process that may increase productivity, better client service, and reduce operating costs. Another benefit to doing business online is enhanced cybersecurity, which is often placed on the back burner for businesses despite the massive volumes of data generated daily.

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