Frequently Asked Question - How secure is G Suite for business email?

Without critical additional protection, Google Workspace email leaves businesses’ users and sensitive data highly vulnerable to attack.

How secure is G Suite for business email

Google Workspace Email is an ‘Open Door’ for Cyber Thieves without Layered Supplementary Cloud Email Defenses

The built-in email protection that Google Workspace offers is simplistic, single-layered and ineffective in detecting and blocking today’s targeted and sophisticated threats like spear phishing and fileless malware. Built in defenses like data encryption and multi-factor authentication (MFA) are a good start - but more is needed to fortify Google Workspace email.

As businesses scramble to modernize their infrastructure and operations to accommodate remote workers and increasingly move to Google Workspace to fulfill communication and collaboration needs, Google Workspace email has become a more popular target among attackers than ever. To prevent credential theft, account takeovers and the installation of destructive malware on corporate systems, businesses must implement layered supplementary email defenses that fill the gaps in existing Google Workspace email protection and fortify Google Workspace email against persistent and emerging attacks.

Make Google Workspace Email Safe for Business with Critical Additional Protection

Securing Google Workspace email against modern threats requires a multi-layered supplementary cloud email security solution designed to seamlessly integrate with the Google Workspace email infrastructure and bolster existing defenses with intuitive real-time protection. An effective cloud email security solution consists of various security features and technologies such as malicious URL protection, email authentication protocols and broad-type file analysis, that are designed to work harmoniously to identify and combat the most advanced attacks.

Businesses can simplify administration, enhance security and reduce costs by selecting a fully-managed solution that provides expert around-the-clock system monitoring, maintenance and support.

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