Client Story: DeepInTheMoney.

Nothing is more important to us than our customers. Every day, Guardian Digital solutions help organizations around the world secure their most business-critical email assets from hackers and phishing attacks.

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Financial Services Firm Secures Email, Safeguards from Phishing, Malware Attacks




  • Limited Budget
  • Strict Timeline
  • Inexperienced Users


  • Simplified Management
  • Extensive Support Services
  • Cost-effective Solutions
  • Scalability

Solution: EnGarde Cloud Email Security

  • Proactive protection against phishing, ransomware and other threats businesses face using email
  • Around-the-clock system monitoring, maintenance and support extends limited IT resources to improve security, maximize productivity and offer invaluable peace of mind
  • Flexibility to customize EnGarde to specifically fit the demands of the corporation


  • Enhanced Email Security 
  • Reduce Spam by >99% 
  • Increased User Productivity 

Wanted: Security, Reliability & Ease-of-Use

financial services firm cisco engineer protects commerce and email with advanced threat protection

When Ken Romero first started DeepInTheMoney, an online stock and options analysis company, he learned the hard way just how important it is to begin with a secure server foundation. "My entire business is conducted on this network, so it is important that its integrity is intact at all times," writes Romero.

Founded in 1999 by Cisco Systems engineer Ken Romero, DeepInTheMoney offers detailed analysis on NASDAQ 100 companies to customers on a subscription basis. Contingent on the analysis that DeepInTheMoney provides, customers have the option to paper trade through the Web site or execute the trade through Options Express, DeepInTheMoney's preferred online options and stock broker.

Having a strong familiarity with Linux, Romero started DeepInTheMoney using an off-the-shelf Linux operating system. Before long, it became clear this wasn't the right choice for him. "I came to Guardian Digital because I got hacked using a competitor and wanted to find a hardened solution dedicated to performance and security."

Guardian Digital EnGarde Email Security Gateway provided all the services Romero needed to securely communicate with his customers online, while also safeguarding them from phishing attacks and malicious attachments.

Seeking Protection of Business-Critical Information & Applications

DeepInTheMoney needed a solution which would provide the ability to easily manage the individual Internet applications that the service required without having to be concerned about ensuring the changes made weren't somehow adversely impacting the security of the server or the availability of the service.

Web, DNS, and email services were crucial components of the business' operation, and despite Romero's extensive background in administration, it was necessary for him to find a solution that delivered these services securely and reliably, enabling him to instead focus on his core competencies.

"The system is intuitive and almost manages itself. Guardian Digital's exceptional support and proactive management ensured my system was protecting us from the latest threats"
- Ken Romero, DeepInTheMoney

DeepInTheMoney turned to Guardian Digital for a solution that would protect the dynamic content and consumer-specific information stored on their network. If their systems were to be compromised, confidential customer records and other important information would become public, risking the reputation of the business and liability for their customers' data.

Specialized Solution with Flexible Policy Controls

Guardian Digital met those requirements by providing DeepInTheMoney with the award-winning EnGarde Email Security Gateway. "I did not consider any other solution after trying Guardian Digital. It is unquestionably the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution out there," adds Romero.

Having no other IT professionals on staff, Romero was looking for a fast, reliable, secure, and easy way to manage the everyday activities of his business. Looking no further than Guardian Digital's EnGarde Email Security Gateway, Romero adds, "Any downtime would impact customer satisfaction tremendously and paralyze the company operationally."

Security from Anywhere

The easy-to-use Web administration capabilities along with the Guardian Digital Secure Network were key selling points for Romero. The Web-based backup system, ease-of-management, and secure connectivity without complicated administrative overhead were among the other benefits Romero saw in Guardian Digital's EnGarde Email Security Gateway.

Being on the road with Cisco Systems, Guardian Digital's unique WebTool allows Romero to securely access the corporate network from anywhere, and the Guardian Digital Secure Network delivers an invariably secure and consistently updated systems.

Concludes Romero, "In an ever-changing technological environment, the Guardian Digital Secure Network provides a fast, easy way to maintain our systems and keep it consistently secure. The automatic update function and exceptional technical support combine to form the most cost-effective and effortless means to protect our intellectual property."