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Find out what is required to safeguard your users, your data and your reputation from targeted phishing, ransomware and the other evasive threats you face every day

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We were able to identify the magnitude of the risk that phishing and ransomware pose to our business daily. With Guardian Digital’s expertise and guidance, we can now operate more securely and productively.

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A Central Component of the
Modern Email Threat Landscape

Phishing is the number one cybersecurity threat businesses face. Learn about the characteristics and consequences of modern phishing attacks, and why traditional email security defenses are ineffective in protecting against these sophisticated scams.


Microsoft 365:
Why It’s a Favorite
Target Among Cyber Thieves

Email risk is universal - are your users, your data and your brand protected from phishing, ransomware and the other sophisticated modern threats you face daily? Use our free Email Risk Assessment Toolkit to learn about the magnitude of your business email risk and actions you can take to reduce it now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use
this toolkit?

dedicated to securing email in place. Traditional, static protection that works at the client layer on devices such as laptops, desktops and mobile phones is unable to anticipate and block advanced and emerging attacks. By using this toolkit, you will gain a better understanding of the risk your business faces using email daily, and the type of protection that is required to safeguard your users and key assets in this modern threat environment.

What is an email security risk assessment?

phishing, ransomware and other malicious threats to business email. This assessment will provide you with valuable insight into the threats your business faces, the people within your organization who are at greatest risk of being targeted in an attack, and the effectiveness of your current email security strategy. An email risk assessment equips businesses with the information they need to identify gaps in their existing email security defenses and improve their digital security posture to prevent cyberattacks and breaches.

What can I expect after taking the assessment?

your business faces and the effectiveness of your current email security strategy. You will also receive personalized recommendations on measures you can take to improve your email defenses. As part of this comprehensive toolkit, a Guardian Digital email security expert will discuss your results with you and elaborate on the feedback you received in a one-on-one consultation.

When should an email security assessment be conducted?

use these insights to improve your security defenses, and evaluate changes that are made. Email security is an ongoing process, and an email security assessment is a critical part of establishing and maintaining a robust digital security posture.

Can I speak with a Guardian Digital email security expert without taking this assessment?

Can this email risk assessment be used for Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace email?

Workspace email. Without proactive, multi-layered supplementary protection, cloud email is highly vulnerable to attack. This assessment will determine the risk you face as an Microsoft 365 or Workspace email user, and the effectiveness of any additional email protection you may have