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Email Risk Is Big for Legal Firms

Cyberattacks are ravaging the legal industry. Attorneys and law firms are popular targets for malicious actors looking for quick and easy access to valuable client data that could be monetized for personal gain - and email is their preferred method of attack. Over ninety percent of cyberattacks begin with a phishing email.

In a 2020 survey conducted by the American Bar Association, 41% of victimized law firms said that they experienced a loss of billable hours due to a cyberattack, 40% reported consulting fees for repairs, 27% required hardware or software replacement and 11% suffered the loss or destruction of critical files. Downtime due to a cyberattack is time that a law firm cannot bill for, resulting in direct monetary losses as well as serious and potentially irreparable damage to a firm’s reputation. What is your strategy for securing your data and protecting your brand?


Law Firms: A Favorite Target for Spear Phishing and Ransomware

Due to the abundance of personal information that attorneys and law firms collect from their clients, law firms of all sizes are increasingly being targeted in phishing and ransomware campaigns. Threat actors are exploiting the industry’s lack of mandated security policies and regulatory guidelines in place to protect sensitive data against theft, misuse or alteration - which often leaves firms more vulnerable to attack than they realize. 

With a ransomware email crippling DLA Piper (a major law firm specializing in cybersecurity) for days, clearly no firm is safe without adequate email defenses in place. What measures are you taking to protect your organization from ransomware?

Information Protection Is “A Must” in the Legal Industry

A seismic shift is underway in the legal industry, which has been hastened due to COVID-19. In this “new normal”, law firms are facing the reality that they must transition to operating digitally - in many cases, adopting risk-laden cloud-based platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. 

Effective information protection - which provides data integrity, confidentiality and availability - is more essential to law firms’ security and success than ever during this time of rapid transformation. Legal firms operate on strict timelines, and cannot afford - both literally and figuratively - to explain their inability to produce a brief or appear in court as a result of critical documents being rendered inaccessible in a ransomware attack. 

Data is a key asset, and requires vigilant protection to ensure that it remains uncompromised. Ninety percent of all data-loss incidents can be attributed to phishing, and email authentication is one way to help prevent phishing attacks and resulting data loss, theft and tampering. Email authentication protocols such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC verify the sender of an email - protecting against sender fraud, email spoofing and impersonation scams. Your critical data is highly sought after by cyber thieves - how are you safeguarding it from compromise?


Partner with An Industry Leader
to Secure Your Key Assets Against Spear Phishing and Ransomware

Fortify Your Email with Innovative, Modern Defenses

The email threat landscape is ever-evolving. Cyber criminals are modernizing their attack campaigns to evade detection, increasingly leveraging fileless and payload-less attacks - which don’t rely on executable or malicious files - to outsmart antivirus software and other traditional email defenses. Adaptive, modern protection is needed to keep pace with emerging threats. 

Through a comprehensive, defense-in-depth approach to security, the use of a collaborative open-source development model and over two decades of industry expertise, we keep legal firms ahead of the latest, most sophisticated digital threats. We partner with firms, taking time to learn about their most critical assets, key people within their organization, and the risks that they face - tailoring our innovative EnGarde Cloud Email Security platform to meet their specific security needs and safeguarding their email infrastructure for the future now.

Key benefits of our protection include:

Keeps You Ahead of Phishing, Ransomware and Insider Threats

In this modern digital threat environment, implementing email protection that safeguards against both traditional attacks leveraging malicious URLs and attachments and emerging payload-less and fileless exploits is imperative in securing business email and protecting sensitive information.

To defend against phishing attacks that use malicious URLs to redirect users to fraudulent websites where credentials are stolen, we implement advanced URL defense technology - scanning all URLs in real-time to detect malicious links embedded in phishing emails. We also scrutinize all email attachments for ransomware and other malicious code capable of harming your systems.

To combat emerging fileless and payload-less attacks, we employ advanced techniques like behavior monitoring, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze hundreds of thousands of attributes of each email delivered in real-time, preventing ALL malicious mail from reaching the inbox and eliminating the risk of insider threats.


Safeguards Confidential Data and Prevents Email Fraud

We implement multiple layers of email authentication protocols to protect attorneys and law firms from email spoofing, sender fraud and impersonation attacks. Our EnGarde Cloud Email Security analyzes every attribute of each email that passes through its infrastructure to determine whether it is legitimate and safe or fraudulent prior to delivery.

To protect your critical data, we employ numerous email authentication standards and protocols including SPF, DKIM and DMARC to verify that every email delivered to your inbox is indeed from who it says it’s from - not a malicious actor posing as the sender.

Fortifies Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Email with Critical Additional Layers
of Protection

Without the implementation of additional defenses, cloud email is highly susceptible to attack. Osterman security researchers report that with existing protection in place, 40% of Microsoft 365 users have experienced credential theft nevertheless. We fortify Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email, preventing credential phishing attacks and account takeovers with additional layers of security designed to seamlessly integrate with the insufficient existing protection provided by Microsoft and Google. 

Our cloud-based solution is remotely managed by a team of security experts, eliminating the need for a mail administrator and delivering a rapid return on investment (ROI).


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