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Email Risk is Universal in the Hospitality Industry

Businesses in the hospitality industry collect personal information from their guests, which is invaluable to cybercriminals, as it can be used to craft convincing impersonation scams and other social engineering attacks designed to compromise identities and steal large sums of money from victims. Thus, it is no surprise that email-borne cyberattacks targeting businesses in the hospitality industry are on the rise, becoming increasingly prevalent, more sophisticated and growing in magnitude. 

Data is a key asset for businesses in the hospitality industry that can be easily compromised in an attack. What is your strategy for protecting your most critical data, your users and your brand?


Email Risk in the Hospitality Industry Doesn’t Discriminate

Recent high-profile breaches have victimized large hospitality companies including Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and Hilton, among many others. That being said, large hospitality businesses are not the only ones at risk in the industry. Smaller companies often have limited resources and expertise designated to cybersecurity, which threat actors recognize and readily exploit. In fact, small businesses accounted for 58% of all data breach that occurred in 2019.

Smaller hospitality companies are often unable to employ a full-time mail administrator or IT department, making it especially critical that they implement a remotely-managed, fully-supported cloud email security solution.

Spear Phishing and BEC Attacks Are Hammering Hospitality Companies

While phishing has dominated the email threat landscape for nearly two decades, attacks have evolved to become highly targeted and increasingly difficult to detect in recent years. Spear phishing, a targeted variation of the notorious phishing scam in which an attacker sends fraudulent emails posing as a known or trusted sender, is ubiquitous in the hospitality industry. Spear phishing emails are often used to gain access to sensitive credentials and confidential information, and spear phishing is responsible for over 95% of all attacks on enterprise networks.

Business email compromise (BEC), which involves a threat actor obtaining access to a corporate email account and sending fraudulent emails under the identity of the account owner, is another monumental concern in the industry. The FBI has revealed that between 2016 and 2019, reported BEC scams have generated losses of $26 billion worldwide.


Modern Your Email Defense Strategy
and Secure Sensitive Data with Threat-Ready,
Fully-Supported Protection

Fortify Email with Innovative Protection That Meets All of Your Needs


When it comes to securing email, we believe that businesses shouldn’t have to compromise on anything - whether it be security, price, convenience or support. Our EnGarde Cloud Email Security provides hospitality companies with effective, customizable protection which seamlessly integrates with their existing email infrastructure, reducing complexity and delivering a rapid return on investment (ROI). Our solution is managed remotely around-the-clock by a team of security experts and is accompanied by passionate, knowledgeable customer support, eliminating the need for a mail administrator or a full-time IT department.

Through the use of a collaborative open-source development model and over 20 years of industry expertise, our EnGarde Cloud Email Security keeps businesses in the hospitality industry ahead of emerging and persistent email attacks. 

Sophisticated Modern Threats Demand a Defense-in-Depth
Approach to Security

Multiple layers of defense are imperative to combating today’s advanced, sophisticated threats to business email. With the emergence of fileless and payload-less attacks which avoid the use of executable or malicious attachments in order to evade detection, now more than ever no spam filter or piece of antivirus software alone is sufficient in safeguarding the inbox. Modern threats demand modern, multi-layered defenses.

EnGarde Cloud Email Security integrates with all existing cloud email platforms, providing critical additional layers of security in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, which are alarmingly vulnerable without this added protection. Osterman security researchers report that despite existing protection, 40% of Microsoft 365 users have fallen victim to credential phishing nevertheless. Clearly, superior cloud email defenses are needed to protect users and sensitive data in this modern digital threat environment.


Threat-Ready Email Vigilance That Keeps You Ahead of Phishing and
Ransomware Attacks

Cyber thieves use malicious links embedded in phishing emails to lure users to fraudulent websites where they collect credentials which can be used to compromise accounts, gain access to confidential business information and steal large sums of money. These emails can also contain dangerous ransomware, which can halt business operations if downloaded onto your systems. 

Our EnGarde Cloud Email Security scans all URLs and attachments in real-time to detect malicious phishing and ransomware emails, eliminating the risk that human error and insider threats pose to your organization.

Secure Sensitive Information and Protect Against Email Fraud

The implementation of layered email authentication protocols is an effective method of preventing sender fraud and protecting sensitive information from tampering and theft. EnGarde Cloud Email Security analyzes hundreds of thousands of attributes of each email that passes through its gateway in real-time, verifying the identity of the sender ensuring that all mail that reaches your inbox is legitimate and safe. 

As cyber criminals increase the creativity of their attack campaigns, it is crucial that businesses increase their defenses. What measures are you taking to avoid suffering the devastating consequences of a data breach?


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