Hospitality Companies - Secure Email Against Phishing and Impersonation Scams

Data beaches impacting the hospitality industry are on the rise. Recent, high-profile breaches have victimized hospitality companies including Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Hilton and many others. Companies in the hospitality industry collect varied personal information from their guests, and this data is invaluable to cybercriminals. Threat actors can use it to carry out convincing impersonation scams, often leading to identity theft and other social engineering attacks. Because of this, hospitality companies are popular targets for serious email-borne threats including phishing and data theft.


Guardian Digital recognizes that effective email security is essential for companies in the hospitality industry, and that many business email security solutions on the market are inadequate in meeting these companies’ needs. Guardian Digital has engineered an advanced, comprehensive solution, EnGarde Email Security Gateway - a clear answer to this problem. EnGarde provides hospitality companies with fully-managed, real-time protection against the most sophisticated email attacks, and seamlessly integrates with their networks - eliminating the headaches that are often associated with setup and maintenance.