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What To Prioritize In Ransomware Protection
Recovering from a ransomware attack is difficult, as even when companies pay the ransom, there’s no guarantee that the encrypted files will be able to be salvaged. Even if you’re able to recover them, your critical files may have been tampered with.
Cybersecurity Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Job
There is never a good time for employees to make mistakes, especially for those whose work involves the cybersecurity of their organization. A recent study found that one in four employees lost their job in the past year after making a mistake that compromised their company’s security.
Top Microsoft 365 Security Concerns & How To Overcome Them
With over 250 million monthly users, Microsoft 365 is one of the most widely used cloud suites. But this immense popularity makes Microsoft 365 an appealing target for cybercrime, along with the valuable data that is stored within Microsoft 365 environments.
Why Cybercrime Continues to Thrive, And What You Can Do About It
Cybercrime is a big business that affects organizations in all industries on an international scale. A recent report found that a new malware strain is created every 15.3 seconds.
Top Malware Strains and How to Mitigate Them
2022 was a year of seismic events, including the Russian-Ukrainian war and economic downturns, as well as the ongoing pandemic. These events had a significant impact on global businesses that were also affected by cybersecurity threats.
What is the Difference Between SIEM and SOAR?
In the IT security world, the SIEM and SOAR security platforms share many similar components. IT experts in the cybersecurity field have more than likely come across SOAR and SIEM technologies.

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