Securing Business Emails Against Whaling

Securing Business Emails Against Whaling is a highly targeted email phishing attack aimed at senior executives. This $12.5 billion scam often results in the compromise of sensitive information and fraudulent wire transfers.

What Is Securing Business Emails Against Whaling?

Cybercriminals recognize that high profile executives within an organization, or “whales”, typically have complete access to sensitive data and the ability to authorize high-value wire transfers, and are valuable attack targets for this reason. Securing Business Emails Against Whaling attacks are often successful because due to the potentially high returns of these campaigns, attackers are willing to conduct extensive social engineering research on their targets to make their fraudulent emails seem as real as possible.

Anatomy of a Securing Business Emails Against Whaling Attack

The majority of whaling attacks follow four distinct phases:

Phase 1


Cybercriminals gather information available on the Internet from data breach, social media profiles and corporate websites to build their target list, identifying key executives and their relationships within an organization.

Phase 2

Build Attack

Attackers conduct extensive social engineering research to develop convincing emails impersonating an individual of authority such as the CEO or CFO of a target organization.

Phase 3

Launch Campaign

Cybercriminals launch whaling campaigns targeting the high profile executives they’ve identified in their target list. Emails sent in these campaigns do not necessarily rely on malicious links or attachments to deceive recipients. Instead, threat actors use stealthy impersonation tactics such as spoofing, look-alike domains, or display name deception.

Phase 4

Reap Rewards

A combination of urgency and trust convince the victim to proceed with the request in the malicious email, often leading to a data breach or hefty financial loss for the target organization.

The Guardian Digital Advantage

Protect your users, your key business assets and your reputation with a multi-layered email protection system that
keeps whaling attacks out of the inbox.

Safeguards the Inbox against Securing Business Emails Against Whaling & Social Engineering Attacks

Due to the extensive time and resources that cybercriminals devote to crafting these scams, whaling emails closely resemble legitimate messages, and often evade the detection of traditional email security defenses like spam filters and desktop protection as a result. Even highly trained executives and IT professionals frequently fall victim to these targeted attacks, often resulting in the authorization of fraudulent wire transfers, the compromise of sensitive business information and the loss of hard-earned client trust.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security fortifies the inbox against whaling and social engineering attacks that go after key people within your organization. The intuitive real-time defenses that make up this comprehensive email protection system analyze hundreds of thousands of email attributes including sender-recipient relationships and legitimate sender behavior to prevent the delivery of dangerous whaling emails.


Offers Complete Securing Business Emails Against Whaling Protection by Closing Critical Gaps in Native Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace Email Security

Native Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email protection takes a static, retrospective approach to securing the inbox, and is unable to detect conversation-style and behavioral anomalies to protect against whaling attacks. Despite existing email security measures, 85% of Microsoft 365 users have experienced an email-borne cyberattack in the past year.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security closes critical gaps in native Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email protection with additional layers of proactive email defenses that prevent the most targeted and sophisticated attacks from infiltrating executives’ inboxes.

Bolsters IT Resources to Provide Superior Defense Against Securing Business Emails Against Whaling & Other Targeted Attacks

Businesses of all sizes - especially SMBs - frequently experience a shortage of cybersecurity resources and expertise, leaving them unprepared to defend against increasingly stealthy whaling attacks. Small businesses often have less stringent security defenses in place, less awareness of threats and less time and money to invest in protection. Cyberthieves recognize that these companies have the most to lose, and are readily exploiting these weaknesses.

Guardian Digital’s expert ongoing system monitoring, maintenance and accessible support provide a remote extension of your IT team, improving the security of your email infrastructure and optimizing your team’s productivity with reliable, cost-efficient whaling protection.


Safeguard Your Users, Key Business Assets & Brand Image against Securing Business Emails Against Whaling Attacks with Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security.

Phishing Is Evolving.

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Modern phishing scams have introduced a new level of risk for businesses. Attackers are targeting Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace users in increasingly sophisticated campaigns designed to evade built-in security defenses.

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