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Microsoft 365 Email Security: Ineffective Built-In Protection

Despite the built-in email protection provided by Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) in Microsoft 365, 85% of users have experienced an email data breach over the past year.

Protection Is Static, Single-Layered and Unable to Anticipate Emerging Attacks

EOP takes a retrospective approach to identifying phishing and malware attacks. This type of protection does not safeguard against human error, and is ineffective in anticipating emerging zero-day attacks and malicious URLs and attachments that are not included in its static lists.

Lack of Customization to Meet Businesses’ Varying Security Needs

EOP is not customizable to meet businesses’ unique security needs. This results in a limited ability to identify anomalous emails and social engineering attacks, leaving businesses vulnerable to account takeovers, business email compromise (BEC) and targeted spear phishing attacks that often result in credential theft.

Homogeneous Architecture Makes it Easier for Attackers to Bypass Security Defenses

Due to the homogeneity of the Microsoft 365 security system, cyber thieves are able to open any account, test their methods until they are able to bypass default filters, and reuse these methods in attacks targeting thousands of different accounts.

Complex to Configure & Manage Securely

Secure setup and configuration requires IT expertise that many SMBs lack, and Microsoft fails to provide assistance with setup and the ongoing system monitoring, maintenance and support required to prevent misconfiguration vulnerabilities and keep Microsoft 365 customers secure.

Microsoft Is an Expert in Cloud Email - Not in Email Security.
Partner with an Industry Leader Today and Safeguard Microsoft
365 Users with Critical Additional Layers of Security.

Integrated Protection Designed to Bolster Microsoft 365 Email
Security Defenses

Effective security is dependent upon defense in depth - especially in regard to Microsoft 365 email. Guardian Digital recognizes the need for additional email protection in Microsoft 365, and has engineered a threat-ready, all-in-one security platform that seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft 365 email infrastructure. Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security fortifies Microsoft 365 email with innovative, layered security features designed specifically to complement Microsoft EOP’s shortcomings.

For over two decades, we have uniquely employed a transparent, collaborative approach to software development - which enables us to access tools and resources from a vibrant, worldwide community in a way that no other vendor can - to offer our customers flexible, affordable and exceptionally secure email protection.


Combat Credential Phishing and Prevent Email Fraud with Proactive
Email Vigilance

Impersonation scams such as phishing, business email compromise (BEC) and email account compromise (EAC) plague Microsoft 365 users. In these attacks, cyber criminals masquerade as a known, trusted sender such as an executive, a colleague or a reputable organization with the aim of tricking users into sharing account credentials or downloading malware on their system. These dangerous scams often use malicious URLs to lead users to fraudulent websites where credentials are stolen.

To detect and block these harmful scams, our EnGarde Cloud Email Security scans all URLs and attachments in real-time to determine if they are malicious or safe - ensuring  that only legitimate, secure mail is delivered.

To combat email spoofing and sender fraud, we employ layered email authentication protocols to verify the identity of the sender. EnGarde draws on advanced global intelligence, analyzing hundreds of thousands of attributes of every email that passes through its gateway in real-time. This enables our solution to detect and block highly evasive fileless and payload-less attacks that often go unidentified by traditional security defenses.

Simplify Administration with Fully-Supported SaaS Cloud Email
Security Services

Many businesses - especially smaller businesses - lack adequate security resources and experience, magnifying the security risks they face online. Organizations cannot rely on overworked IT staff to safeguard Microsoft 365 users - and one small mistake could lead to a serious security incident.

Guardian Digital’s SaaS cloud email security services are centrally hosted and offer quick and easy implementation, simplified management, no upfront capital costs for businesses and expert around-the-clock customer support - freeing up valuable IT resources and delivering a rapid return on investment (ROI).

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security Key Features & Benefits:

Keeps Microsoft 365 users ahead of persistent and emerging email threats

Protects against credential phishing, ransomware and business email compromise (BEC)

Secures sensitive data and prevents email fraud

Enhanced security through a modern, multi-layered design 

Provides complete end-to-end control of your email infrastructure

Seamless integration, remote system monitoring and premium 24x7x365 customer support services simplify administration and deliver a rapid return on investment (ROI)


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