Guardian Digital's Cloud Email Security Services

Protect Your Business from Email-Borne Cyberattacks with an Intelligent, Fully-Supported Email Security Solution

Over 90% of cyberattacks start with a phishing email.

Protect your users, your data and your brand against cyberattacks and breaches with comprehensive real-time email security defenses.

Makes email safe for business.

Defend against advanced threats like targeted spear phishing, ransomware and emerging zero-day attacks with our comprehensive email protection system. Designed to be secure, our solution is engineered to protect your users and your business against today's most advanced threats. Coupled with our protection is the level of support needed to deliver digital peace of mind for your business.

More frequent updates & superior protection through inherently secure design

Guardian Digital uniquely applies the collaborative, transparent open-source model to the development of email security solutions, providing its customers with superior email protection through real-time updates and more secure, resilient technology.

Closes critical security gaps in Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace

Proactive, multi-layered supplementary email security defenses bolster inadequate built-in cloud email protection and fortify Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace against credential phishing and account takeovers.

Expert vCISO email security services provide you with a remote extension of your IT team.

Fully-managed services and accessible support improve security, maximize productivity, simplify deployment and ease the load on your IT department by assisting with setup and providing the ongoing system monitoring and maintenance required to keep you safe.

Protects your users and key assets with real-time cybersecurity business insights.

Complete visibility into your email security and the threats targeting your organization reduces risk exposure and enables improved cybersecurity business planning and better enforcement of company policies.

EnGarde Cloud Email Security Key Features

The email threat landscape is rapidly evolving. Static, single-layered email security defenses like those built into Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are unable to protect against today’s sophisticated, evasive threats like spear phishing, ransomware and zero-day attacks. Despite existing protection, 30% of phishing attacks are opened by target users.

Upgrade your email security strategy with EnGarde Cloud Email Security - an intuitive, all-in-one email protection platform.

Stop Advanced Threats

Some of today’s most dangerous threats are advanced threats designed to evade traditional email security defenses such as email filters and signature-based antivirus software. Blocking advanced threats requires a proactive, multi-layered security suite capable of anticipating and stopping sophisticated and emerging attacks before they reach your users.

With EnGarde’s modern multi-tiered architecture featuring Guardian Digital Advanced Threat Protection, you can be confident that your business is shielded from the most advanced email threats - both persistent and unknown. Guardian Digital Advanced Threat Protection defends against targeted spear phishing, ransomware, zero-day attacks and other advanced threats, providing:

Defense against sender fraud, spoofing and impersonation attacks with the implementation of advanced email authentication technology

Protection against attacks leveraging malicious links and attachments 

Real-time detection of emerging threats with multiple AI-powered analytic engines 

Superior phishing and zero-day protection with continual real-time updates and input from an innovative global community


Simplify Management & Improve Security

The modern email threat landscape is complex - but securing business email shouldn’t be. If you’re like the majority of businesses, you’re short on IT resources and concerned about your ability to repel today’s advanced cyberattacks and prevent a breach.

We’ve engineered our protection to help you overcome these critical challenges. Our fully-managed services are designed to effectively complement your in-house IT department, improving security and freeing up valuable resources. With Guardian Digital, a team of managed service experts will assume the responsibility of setting up, monitoring and maintaining your systems, partnering with you in understanding and securing the key people within your organization and your most critical assets.

We provided accessible support that goes far beyond traditional “tech support”. Our experts become a remote extension of your team, providing the kind of cybersecurity expertise that is needed to keep you ahead of current and future, unforeseen threats.

Real-Time Cybersecurity Business Insight You Can Act On

We believe that in order to securely and effectively run your business, you need complete visibility into the security of your email and the threats targeting your organization. To provide you with easy access to your email security data, we’ve designed a Dashboard administrative portal where you can view and monitor this critical data in real-time, equipping you with the insight required to make better cybersecurity business decisions.

The EnGarde Cloud Email Security Real-Time Dashboard is fully-automated, user-friendly and efficient, featuring an interactive interface, an “at-a-glance” Single Dashboard View and automatically-generated security reports. Our experts complement this real-time data with ongoing assessments of your risk and advice on how to mitigate it.


Secure Sensitive Data

Spoofing and phishing attacks are a serious threat to your critical data and your brand image. Designed to trick users into sharing sensitive account credentials, today’s sophisticated attacks leverage advanced social engineering techniques to deceive even the most security-aware users. 

We recognize that success in any industry is highly dependent upon establishing and upholding a clean reputation, and that protecting sensitive information is essential in maintaining client trust. EnGarde safeguards critical data with strong end-to-end email encryption and layered email authentication standards and protocols designed to verify sender identity and ensure that only safe, legitimate mail reaches the end user, mitigating the risk of data compromise due to human error.

Combat Credential Theft in Microsoft 365 & Workspace

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email is highly vulnerable without critical additional layers of security defenses in place. Due to their immense user base and inherent uniformity, these popular platforms have become a favorite target among cyber thieves looking to steal valuable data and compromise accounts. Users cannot rely on simplistic built-in cloud email protection alone - which is unable to anticipate emerging threats - to block today’s advanced threats like spear phishing and fileless malware.

Despite existing protection, Osterman Research reports that 40% of users have experienced credential theft in Microsoft 365.

EnGarde is the perfect fit for organizations looking to make cloud email safe for business. The proactive security platform is designed specifically to close dangerous gaps in built-in cloud email security, fortifying Microsoft 365 and Workspace against credential phishing, ransomware and zero-day threats.

Guardian Digital managed service experts not only assume the responsibility of EnGarde’s setup and integration with Microsoft 365 or Workspace, they will also ensure that the cloud platform you are using is properly and securely configured to mitigate the risk of dangerous misconfiguration vulnerabilities that could be exploited to gain access to your corporate networks and systems.


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