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EnGarde Cloud Email Security Platform Powered by AI

Advanced persistent threats are more complex to detect and prevent than ever before. Powered by Guardian Digital, the EnGarde Cloud Email Security is an auto-learn system that scrutinizes millions of individual characteristics from each email, quickly utilizing resources of systems around the world to identify persistent threats in real time.

shield protecting business email accounts from sophisticated zero-day attacks

Protect Your Business With Highly Reliable Cloud Based Email Security

Guardian Digital's EnGarde Cloud Email Security for Business provides a fully integrated business email security on the cloud that delivers total end-to-end control of your email, mitigating persistent threat risks and reducing the complexity of your infrastructure.

EnGarde Cloud Email Security for Business provides real-time protection with real-time results while continuously adapting to a changing business and security environment. EnGarde quickly filters every email before it is delivered to your mail server to protect you from email-borne threats like phishing emails. Using virus scanning, spam scoring, real-time intent analysis, URL link protection, reputation checks, and other techniques, our cloud email protection platform provides you with the best possible level of email protection. Built on a modern open-source architecture designed by Guardian Digital to be secure and flexible, the EnGarde Cloud Email Security provides the benefits of SaaS with our added expertise. This approach delivers increased security and world-class enterprise support.


  • Inbound & outbound business email protection against all persistent threats  
  • Advanced encryption protection throughout keeps communications secure   
  • Cloud-based email security platform eliminates up-front costs & expedites deployment   
  • Resilient open source architecture provides increased features and better security
  • Protects users against all forms of emerging and zero-day threats   
  • Enterprise-class availability and scalability   
  • Increase employee productivity & lower IT costs   
  • Unparalleled business cloud mail security solutions & support
lock securing business email accounts from advanced persistent threats

Cloud Based Spam & Virus Protection - Your Next Generation Advanced Threat Defense

Guardian Digital's EnGarde Cloud Email Security brings together the most technologically advanced open-source developments, a multitude of standards-based security solutions, and the ingenuity and security expertise of Guardian Digital. Protecting against spam, viruses, blended email threats, and corporate policy violations, Guardian Digital's EnGarde Cloud Email Security is the most vigilant approach to business email security.


  • Effective cloud-based anti spam, defense against phishing and other advanced APT threats   
  • Zero-hour outbreak control protects against new, unknown email threats
  • Advanced graphs & reports provides increased visibility & accountability   
  • Scalable cloud-based email security system simplifies deployment and increases availability   
  • Policy-based email encryption seamlessly protects confidential communications   
  • Resilient open source design reduces APT threat risk, provides more features
lock inside shield trustworthy business cloud email security

Corporate Email Security On Cloud Benefits

The Guardian Digital's EnGarde Cloud Email Security uses sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines and machine learning to provide advanced persistent threat solutions to your company. Our efforts protect email data and ensure better email protection and system performance to stop threats before they reach your network.


  • Multi-layered persistent threat protection   
  • Adaptive-learning heuristic system, which continues to improve over time   
  • Dynamic reputation system classifies email based on origin   
  • Next-generation statistical analysis   
  • Robust auditing and reporting   
  • Simplified, consistent administration   
  • A scalable platform, adjustable from the smallest to the largest organizations   
  • Flexible policy management   
  • Secure endpoint encryption using strong cryptography  
  • IP reputation services   
  • Real-time URL filter   
  • Multiple leading anti-virus engines 
business cloud email security protecting Office 365 users from phishing

Prevent Email Account Takeovers, Phishing and Ransomware Attacks

Microsoft Office 365 users have increasingly become a favorite target for threat actors. Targeted email attacks including phishing and spear phishing threats, account takeover and other advanced persistent threats present significant challenges for businesses moving to the secure email cloud.

Today's threats have become increasingly intelligent. While Office 365 includes some built-in security protections, they may be inadequate to protect your users from the latest forms of targeted attacks. Guardian Digital identifies and blocks zero-day credential theft threats immediately, safeguarding against account takeover and providing a highly effective real-time defense against phishing scams and other targeted threats.


  • Enhances the security of Microsoft Office 365
  • Increase staff productivity through reduced risk using our highly secure cloud platform
  • Multiple layers of additional protection against today's most advanced persistent threats including spear-phishing, account takeover and malicious URLs
  • Inherently secure cloud platform which includes multiple detection engines specifically designed to recognize and block ransomware, spear-phishing and other attacks launched using deceptive social engineering tactics

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Protection Against Advanced Persistent Threats

Some of the most dangerous threats come from advanced threats that are designed to evade email filters. EnGarde has inbuilt Advanced Threat Protection, a cloud-based email security, that defends against ransomware and other malware, including zero-day attacks and advanced threats.


  • Multi-layer anti-virus and heuristic scanning
  • Spam and malware filtering
  • Complex spear-phishing attack prevention
  • Real-time URL filtering
  • Detects and stops malicious document attachments inside other types of commonly emailed files
  • Guards web & IP reputation
  • Prevents business Email Compromise (CEO impersonation fraud)
Shields protecting business email from phishing and malware

EnGarde Cloud Email Security: Threat-Ready Business Email Protection. Non-Stop Support.

With its two decades of cybersecurity expertise, Guardian Digital - and its EnGarde Cloud Email Security - is meeting the challenges of today's sophisticated and relentless email threat landscape. EnGarde is about "end-to-end" email security, along with real-time threat intelligence, that delivers layered protection for businesses. A cloud-based, multi-tiered system that anticipates threats, offers data loss prevention and safeguards your business emails. Cloud security solutions are the most cost effective way of reducing spam levels & mitigate threats from phishing, malaware & ransomware. Simplified administration, security visibility, and operational efficiency provide easy-to-manage email protection for businesses of all sizes with zero infrastructure costs.

Start Protecting Your Business Conversations Efficiently With Predictive & Intelligent Cloud Based Email Security

Cloud Email Security Platform That Puts You In Control

Uncover, prioritize, investigate and remediate complex attacks across endpoint, network and email from one dashboard. Email is the most common threat vector used by cybercriminals. Deploy the cloud-based email security service that gives you the power to filter & protect your organization from advanced email threats such as targeted phishing attacks, ransomware, business email compromise (BEC), viruses and email fraud. Email threats and compliance risks are only increasing as time goes on, and your Business needs better security than what comes out-of-the-box with Email platforms. Our email protection platform reduces administrative overhead through easy deployment, management, reporting & incident management. EnGarde is the platform of choice for businesses that need to secure their email, brand, users & data.

Let Guardian Digital help you accomplish your strategic business goals by safeguarding your most valuable assets — your employees — and your business information.