Securing Business Emails Against Social Engineering

Manipulation of information and people into performing actions or divulging confidential information is the basis of 98% of all cyberattacks. This form of attack relies on human error to leverage a personal or business relationship, making them harder to identify and defeat.

What Is Securing Business Emails Against Social Engineering?

Social engineering attacks can take many forms, but they are all designed to deceive users using familiar relationships to engage the target and convince them to give up something without knowing. This often leads to account compromise or giving up confidential info or control over your computer.

Anatomy of a Securing Business Emails Against Social Engineering Attack

The majority of social engineering attacks follow the same four phases:

Phase 1

Gather Information

Cybercriminals scour social media profiles, corporate websites, marketing databases and online archives to identify and research targets.

Phase 2

Establish Trust

Through well-researched spear phishing emails and messages on social media impersonating a trusted individual or brand, attackers establish trust with their targets.

Phase 3

Deliver Emails

Cybercriminals deliver convincing emails that leverage the trust they’ve built, often conveying a sense of urgency or exploiting personal insecurities to convince targets to share sensitive information without carefully assessing the legitimacy of the sender of the message.

Phase 4

Reap Rewards

The attackers now receive and launder funds, erasing any digital footprints in order to remain undetected, or extract valuable data or information from compromised accounts that can be monetized in future crimes.

The Guardian Digital Advantage

Protect your users, your key business assets and your reputation with a multi-layered email protection system that keeps social engineering attacks out of the inbox.

Fortifies the Inbox Against Securing Business Emails Against Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering attacks are designed to look and feel like legitimate communications, and often bypass traditional email security technology like spam filters and antivirus software as a result. Employees are not trained security experts, and even if they were, they could easily fall for a well-researched, highly convincing social engineering email.

Guardian Digital safeguards the inbox against dangerous, costly social engineering attacks with adaptive real-time defenses that analyze hundreds of thousands of email attributes including legitimate sender behavior and sender-recipient relationships to intercept social engineering attempts before they reach the inbox.


Delivers Complete Securing Business Emails Against Social Engineering Protection by Closing Critical Gaps in Built-In Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace Email Security

Static built-in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email protection is unable to detect and block social engineering emails that exploit human vulnerabilities using advanced deception techniques.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security closes the gaps in native Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email protection with critical supplementary layers of proactive email defenses capable of identifying even the most stealthy, well-researched social engineering attempts, while applying the Threat Intelligence gathered from these fraudulent emails to prevent future attacks.

Supplements IT Resources to Provide Superior Defenses Against Securing Business Emails Against Social Engineering Attacks

Businesses of all sizes - especially SMBs - frequently experience a shortage of cybersecurity resources and expertise, leaving them unprepared to defend against modern social engineering attacks.

Guardian Digital’s expert ongoing system monitoring, maintenance and accessible support provide a remote extension of your IT team, bolstering the security of your email infrastructure and optimizing your team’s productivity with reliable, cost-efficient social engineering protection.


Safeguard Your Users, Key Business Assets & Brand Image against Securing Business Emails Against Social Engineering
Attacks with Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security.

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