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We protect your users and your business against today's most advanced threats. Coupled with our protection is the level of support you need to reduce management complexity, support overhead, and exposure to emerging future threats.

Email Risk

Our Solutions

Cloud Email Security

Phishing, ransomware, viruses, malware, spoofing ... EnGarde is a multi-tiered solution that stops today's rapidly evolving threats before they affect your business.



Our open-source Gmail protection solution means greater security, lower costs, and more efficiency for your business.


Office 365 Protection

Fortify Office 365 email and protect remote workers with critical additional defenses.


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EnGarde’s Innovative Protection Features

Guardian Digital has designed a security-as-a-service email protection system that blocks the most sophisticated threats to privacy and data integrity to your organization today. Our email security solution provides a sophisticated defense to today’s sophisticated threats. We deliver digital peace of mind with:

A scalable and customizable cloud-based system

Policy-based encryption throughout

A resilient and real-time learning open-source design

Innovative zero-day threat protection

A fully-managed system, which reduces your in-office support

Phishing, spambot, and spoofing attack protection


Phishing Is Evolving.

Are Your Current Email Defenses
Falling Behind?

Modern phishing scams have introduced a new level of risk for businesses. Attackers are targeting Office 365 and G Suite users in increasingly sophisticated campaigns designed to evade built-in security defenses.

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Email Risk in Office 365

is Greater than Ever

What's your strategy for preventing loss of email communication and theft in Office 365? Guardian Digital secures Office 365 against the cost of credential phishing and account takeovers.

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