Safeguard Email Against Spear Phishing and Business Email Compromise Attacks

Financial: Secure Email Against Spear Phishing and Business Email Compromise

Businesses in the financial services industry are highly vulnerable to targeted, advanced email-borne attacks such as spear phishing, email fraud and business email compromise (BEC). These organizations have access to extensive personal information on their clients, which is invaluable to threat actors and can be used to craft convincing social engineering and impersonation attacks. An effective email security strategy is imperative for companies in the financial sector - the integrity of their data, the safety of their clients and the reputation of their business depend on it.


Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security is an ideal solution for businesses in the financial industry. EnGarde offers comprehensive, end-to-end email vigilance, protecting data shared via email with multi-tiered encryption and email authentication standards including SPF, DKIM and DMARC. EnGarde Cloud Email Security seamlessly integrates with organizations’ existing email infrastructure, and can be customized and scaled to meet businesses’ specific needs.