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Why Guardian Digital

So much more than anti-spam: the most effective and accurate mail security gateway is available today

A visual of EnGarde Cloud Email Security: our comprehensive business email security solution

EnGarde Cloud Email Security: Comprehensive Email Security for Every Environment

  • Devotion to our customers is the foundation of everything we do
  • We are innovative open-source protection pioneers
  • Engineers of next-generation business protection solutions

Guardian Digital understands that security is not just an IT issue or an afterthought — it's a boardroom issue that’s fundamental to today's business success.  Guardian Digital has a deep understanding of the threats that companies face today and the circumstances that can result from just one security breach. It's a rapidly growing concern for any size company in any industry, and real-time gateway security is the answer.  

Lock providing threat-ready open-source business email protection

Our Secure Services Gateway Solution

For the last two decades, our company has developed and implemented cutting-edge cyber solutions using our flexible and cost-effective open-source platform.  These efforts have been employed to protect some of the largest companies in the world. Now, we’re using that experience to focus exclusively on secure email gateway protection.

Leveraging the benefits of open source development, contemporary cloud technologies, and decades of combined experience protecting enterprises, Guardian Digital engineers have created EnGarde Cloud Email Security to be a cloud security gateway that's unparalleled by any other in the industry.

Guardian Digital fully manages EnGarde and provides comprehensive support to ensure the most effective protection against the most advanced threats. EnGarde gives you not only exceptional protection from the latest phishing attacks, but also the monitoring and policy development expertise by Guardian Digital engineers of your specific system in real-time. We're helping you every step of the way.

A visual of the advanced and targeted email attacks that EnGarde Cloud Email Security prevents

Preventing Threats

The global threat landscape is constantly changing.  High-tech hackers use increasingly sophisticated and coordinated attacks on business systems, including botnets, blended malware threats, and zero-day and other advanced targeted attacks.
Organizations deserve an advanced gateway security system that will provide protection from even the most hostile networks. They also need this solution to be scalable and affordable. 
The EnGarde Cloud Email Security is the answer. It provides real-time intelligence, comprehensive protection from known and unknown threats, effective defenses against viruses, and protection against phishing and spoofing attacks. Since open-source software is adaptable by its very nature, the advanced machine-learning technology inherent to EnGarde detects and combats new email spam threats in real time.  
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Development Without Limits

Open Source- a transparent, community-powered development model- has the potential to benefit businesses and consumers across all industries, giving rise to some of the most effective and secure software, products and solutions on the market. 

Guardian Digital recognizes this. And for the past 20 years we have embraced Open Source to create and provide customers threat-ready, secure business email protection for businesses of every size. 

Guardian Digital outperformed competitive products in both cost-effectiveness and ease of management. Our decision was clear.

Richard Wilson, Technology Director, Itasca Independent School District

EnGarde’s Key Product Features and Benefits

Maintenance free, easy administration, secure updates

Ease of Use

Our sophisticated and user-friendly web administration system provides a consistent and reliable means of managing all standard tasks, including software updates.

Get protected from malicious threats quickly and securely

Reduced Start-up Costs

Our typical user gets started in less than half the time and uses fewer resources because we do all the hard work.

Reliable security, cost-effective open source security

Reduced On-going Costs

The reliability of our software reduces the time and expertise required to manage the system and any associated upgrades and integrations, making it a more cost-effective solution than proprietary software.

EnGarde meets the need for secure protection of all businesses


Guardian Digital software is easily configured to support a small office with limited resources or one with thousands of users. Built on industry standards, EnGarde can be easily adapted to best serve your email system.

Secure by design, open source security

100% Open Source Software

EnGarde is built using the open-source development model, combined with the security and internet expertise of Guardian Digital engineers.

Engineered security built to protect users best

Engineered Security

Built with security integrated into its design rather than bolted on afterwards, or “patched on” in pieces, EnGarde is engineered with email security as its primary concern.

Protection from around the world for all businesses

Global Presence

Our security solutions have spanned the globe — we’ve worked with enterprises here in the United States and abroad.

Open source pioneers, secure by design, business email security protection

Guardian Digital Expertise

We’ve developed a revolutionary approach to standard internet connectivity solutions, and now we’re taking that knowledge and focusing on email security solutions for businesses like yours.