Guardian Digital's Multi-Layered Business Email Security & Protection

Comprehensive, Adaptive Business Email Protection through Layered Security

Block Advanced & Emerging Email Threats with Defense-in- Depth Protection

Blocking advanced and emerging cyberattacks requires a defense-in-depth approach to securing business email. Our comprehensive email protection system redefines multi-layered email security, featuring innovative technology including dynamic malicious URL protection, email authentication protocols and real-time spam and virus protection, coupled with the expert, ongoing support needed to keep your business safe.


Additional Layers of Security Are Needed to Make Microsoft 365 Email Safe for Business

Despite built-in email protection provided by Microsoft, 85% of Microsoft 365 users have experienced an email data breach in the past year. Critical additional layers of adaptive security delivered by a comprehensive third-party solution are required to prevent credential phishing and other dangerous attacks in Microsoft 365.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security is engineered to close the critical security gaps that exist in Microsoft 365 with additional layers of proactive protection including complete phishing and malware defense, account takeover protection and expert, ongoing system monitoring, maintenance and support.

Partner with an Industry Leader Today and Safeguard Your
Business with Proactive, Multi-Layered Protection.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security: Proactive, Multi-layered Email Defense

Protect your users, your key business assets and your reputation with a multi-layered email protection system that keeps advanced and emerging threats out of the inbox.


Open Source Community Input

Innovative global input from the open source community results in rapid updates and superior security and resiliency.

Comprehensive Ongoing Support Services

Expert around-the-clock system monitoring, maintenance and support services bolster IT resources, simplify administration, improve security, reduce costs and result in a rapid return on investment (ROI) for your business.

Malicious URL & Attachment Protection

Guardian Digital URL Protect, which provides complete real-time malicious URL protection, offers superior defense against phishing and impersonation attacks that often rely on malicious links.

Email Authentication Protocols

Layered email authentication protocols verify sender identity and confirm the legitimacy of email communications, protecting sensitive information and preventing spoofing and fraud.

Spam & Virus Protection

Multiple layers of predictive detection engines provide complete spam and virus protection, safeguarding against even the most complex polymorphic viruses that often go undetected by antivirus software and endpoint security solutions.


Once a message has been scrutinized by EnGarde, it is deemed either “malicious” or “safe”. All malicious mail is quarantined and never reaches the intended recipient’s inbox, while only confirmed legitimate, safe mail is delivered to the end user.

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