Securing Business Emails Against Malware

Securing Business Emails Against Malware is dangerous software designed to disrupt, damage or gain unauthorized access to a computer system. 92% of malware is delivered via email.

What Is Securing Business Emails Against Malware?

Securing Business Emails Against Malware is notorious for the danger and disruption it can cause, with repercussions of a successful attack including system compromise, data theft and significant downtime. Whether a large enterprise or a small business, every organization is a viable target of a malware attack. In fact, over half of all malware attacks are directed at SMBs, which are generally least equipped to protect themselves. Businesses that experience a malware attack lose 50 days of productivity on average - an amount of downtime that would cost any organization tremendously.

Anatomy of a Securing Business Emails Against Malware Attack

While both the tactics displayed and the functions of malware vary case by case, the majority of malware attacks follow the same five phases:

Phase 1


Through the use of tactics including spoofing, urgency and social engineering, attackers trick a victim into clicking on a malicious link or attachment in a phishing email.

Phase 2

Initial Compromise

Hackers gain access to the target organization’s internal network through a compromised system or account.

Phase 3

Command and Control

The compromised device is used as a foothold into an organization. Typically, attackers will download and install a remote-access Trojan to establish persistent, remote access to the target environment that can go undetected for months.

Phase 4

Lateral Movement

Once a connection has been established to the internal network, cybercriminals seek to compromise additional systems and accounts.

Phase 4


Attackers execute the final aspects of their mission - corrupting critical systems, stealing sensitive data and disrupting business operations.

The Guardian Digital Advantage

Protect your users, your key business assets and your reputation with a multi-layered email protection system
that keeps malware out of the inbox.

Secures the Inbox against Malicious Attachments & Fileless Securing Business Emails Against Malware

Cybercriminals are always refining their methods, employing techniques such as identity deception and domain spoofing to trick even the most security-aware users into downloading malware. Threat actors are increasingly favoring more insidious fileless tactics that don’t rely on executable files and have no signature to evade the detection of traditional security solutions.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security’s auto-learn system employs a combination of behavioral analysis and dynamic URL and file analysis to protect against advanced and emerging malware attacks before they potentially expose sensitive data and halt business operations should these malicious emails reach the inbox.


Delivers Complete Securing Business Emails Against Malware Protection by Closing Critical Gaps in Native Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace Email Security

Despite native Microsoft 365 email protection, 85% of users have experienced an email-borne cyberattack in the past year.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security’s proactive, multi-layered protection closes critical gaps that exist in the static, single-layered email security defenses built into Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, making cloud email safe for business, and providing organizations with the invaluable peace-of-mind that they are protected from malware and other crippling email-borne attacks.

Extends IT Resources to Offer Superior Securing Business Emails Against Malware Protection

Many businesses - especially SMBs - experience a shortage of cybersecurity resources and expertise, leaving them unprepared to defend against malware, phishing and other dangerous, disruptive email threats.

Guardian Digital’s expert ongoing system monitoring, maintenance and accessible support provide a remote extension of your IT team, improving your email security posture and enhancing your team’s productivity with reliable, cost-efficient malware protection.


Protect Against Securing Business Emails Against Malware & Prevent Downtime with Guardian Digital EnGarde
Cloud Email Security.

Phishing Is Evolving.

Are Your Current Email Defenses
Falling Behind?

Modern phishing scams have introduced a new level of risk for businesses. Attackers are targeting Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace users in increasingly sophisticated campaigns designed to evade built-in security defenses.

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Email Risk in Microsoft 365

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What's your strategy for preventing loss of email communication and theft in Microsoft 365? Guardian Digital secures Microsoft 365 against the cost of credential phishing and account takeovers.

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