The Advantage's of Guardian Digital

Built upon a next generation architecture with unique management and security features

Protecting Against Modern Threats Requires Adaptive, Multi-Layered Defenses

Guardian Digital has a deep understanding of the email threats that companies face, and the consequences that can result from just one security breach. We have designed a security-as-a-service protection system that blocks even the most sophisticated threats to privacy and data integrity in your organization today.

Scalable cloud-based system

Resilient open source design

Fully managed system reduces support

Policy based encryption throughout

Innovative zero-day threat protection

Phishing, spambot and spoofing attack protection


Fully Managed Email Security System

Higher levels of protection, reduced operational costs

Our fully managed cloud-based platform provides effective protection from known and emerging threats, built from the most technologically advanced open source developments using decades of email security expertise. This multi-layered enterprise email defense solution reduces the information technology overhead in even the largest organizations.

Multi-layered Threat Protection

Block advanced persistent threats, viruses, ransomware, malware

We have engineered the next generation in email threat protection technology. Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security provides the same high level protection for small and medium-sized enterprises as our large global enterprise customers.

Specialized attacks are proliferating, and they require specialized countermeasures.

We have engineered the next generation in threat protection technology, including predictive analysis to detect threats before they reach your system, a heuristic system that analyzes each message for anomalous patterns, and real-time checks of each message using the resources of systems from around the world.

Uses cyber threat intelligence from systems around the world

Machine learning, reputation and behavioral analysis without relying on just signatures

Blocks threats before reaching the perimeter

Identify previously unknown threats

Encryption to securely deliver messages containing sensitive data

Stop spear phishing using advanced heuristics to analyze embedded payloads


Innovative System Design

Open source roots, more features, better security

Using decades of email security expertise, our fully managed cloud-based platform provides effective protection from known and emerging threats. Combined with the most technologically advanced open source developments, Guardian Digital has created a cohesive, multi-layered enterprise email defense solution designed to ease information technology overhead for our customers.

Premium Support Services

Decades of email security expertise, exceptional customer service

Our customers are the beginning and the end of everything we do. We understand the important role our solutions play in helping you fulfill your mission. We are committed to delivering the technology, knowledge, and trust necessary to make our customers successful every day.

Guardian Digital offers a comprehensive menu of technical support services to ensure that we continually surpass the demands of our customers for every solution we develop. Our engineers are at your service to answer all questions relating to installation, applications, connectivity, comparability, and technical infrastructures. With simple and flexible support options, Guardian Digital provides all customers with enterprise-grade support at a budget-friendly price.


Security Throughout

Secure design, advanced encryption & authentication

We understand the risks you face and the effect it can have on your business. We've designed our systems to deal with that like no others have.

The difference with Guardian Digital is simple - we understand the importance of security and risk mitigation and have designed our systems to be secure from the ground up. That comes from our history of successful consulting and secure system design for nearly twenty years, including for some of the world's largest companies.

This gives Guardian Digital unrivaled expertise to defend you against threats, resolve incidents quickly and prepare for tomorrow's attacks. Guardian Digital security experts have deep-rooted expertise in designing secure systems, responding to security incidents, using and developing secure open source software, spam & malware analysis, and the threat actors email users face every day.

This knowledge is used to respond to breaches, improve the overall level of protection that we provide to our customers, and incorporate it into our secure technology solutions.

Among the security benefits with Guardian Digital include:

Email firewall

Integrated authentication & encrypted connectivity

Access control methods at every level

Content policy management

Operating system designed to be secure

Open source design means transparency, trust, rapid development

Scalable & Intelligent Platform

Cloud-based system supports every business need

Guardian Digital develops scalable, intelligent systems that operate in the most demanding environments. Our customers include the small & medium business, as well as the multi-national corporation with dozens of locations.

Open is better than closed. Always.

Guardian Digital combines the cost-effective benefits of open source with enterprise-level support and services.
Small businesses with small budgets can save a lot of money by deploying open source software. Large companies stand to save even more because they need so many more copies of each software program.

Open Source software powers the Internet. Open source is present in every one of the world's largest companies. Guardian Digital has embraced the open source platform, leveraging its innate security and openness, and adapting it to provide a mature basis for our Internet security applications.

Public security is always more secure than proprietary security. It's true for cryptographic algorithms, security protocols, and security source code. For us, open source isn't just a business model; it's smart engineering practice.
- Bruce Schneier, Chief Technology Officer of IBM Resilient, a fellow at Harvard's Berkman Center, and a board member of EFF.


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