Information Protection - Email Encryption & Data Protection

Protect sensitive data as it is sent or received over Emails

protect sensitive information with Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security

Data is a valuable asset for all businesses that should not be overlooked. Effective information protection provides data integrity, confidentiality and availability - and is vital to an organization’s digital security and overall success. Guardian Digital recognizes that information protection is an essential aspect of any successful business email security strategy, and has engineered a cutting-edge cloud email security solution that provides complete, full-managed end-to-end control of businesses’ email infrastructure, safeguarding sensitive information shared via email and preventing attacks.

prevent data loss and data theft with Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security

Unprotected Data is a Bigger Risk than Ever

With the email threat landscape evolving to become increasingly sophisticated and dangerous, data theft and data loss are a bigger concern than ever, and effective information protection is essential to businesses’ safety and productivity. A successful data breach can have serious consequences for small businesses and enterprises alike including significant downtime, hefty legal fees and ruined reputations, and 60% of companies that suffer a data breach are forced into bankruptcy within six months

Protect against phishing with advanced email authentication

Safeguarding Data with Advanced Email Authentication

Phishing is a serious threat that every business faces every day, and is involved in 90% of all data-loss incidents. Email authentication is one way to help prevent phishing attacks, by providing a way to verify that an email indeed comes from who it claims to be from. SPF, DKIM, and DMARC are three email authentication standards that make this verification possible. Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security ensures that all email messages delivered are authenticated using standards like these and goes beyond traditional measures to protect sensitive data. The gateway analyzes and tracks sender reputation, enhancing its protection against future attacks.

Protect sensitive data with Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security

EnGarde Cloud Email Security: Comprehensive Protection Against Data Loss and Data Theft

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security offers intuitive real-time protection against the most advanced email threats, preventing critical information from being lost or stolen via email. EnGarde provides:

Guardian Digital’s advanced information protection makes secure email communication simple, seamless and convenient - enabling your business to operate efficiently and effectively.