Guardian Digital's Digital Email Incident Response

Mitigate Damage of a Potential Cyberattack & Reduce Recovery Time with Seamless, Automated Incident Response

Limit Damage Due to a Potential Breach with Rapid, Fully-Managed Incident Response

While organizations can significantly decrease the risk of suffering a cyberattack by implementing an effective email security strategy, no strategy or solution is 100 percent effective and attacks may occasionally get through. Incident response, or the process used by IT staff to manage the aftermath of a security breach, is essential in limiting the damage caused by a potential breach and reducing the recovery time from the incident.


Accelerate Email Incident Response with Guardian Digital EnGarde
Cloud Email Security

Guardian Digital recognizes the importance of having an effective, automated incident response strategy in place and offers this as part of its all-in-one business email security solution: EnGarde Cloud Email Security. EnGarde’s automated incident response includes dynamic URL analysis, real-time forensics and insights, advanced investigative tools and rapid remediation - making a potentially arduous process quick, seamless and highly effective. EnGarde updates its defenses in real-time based on the Threat Intelligence it acquires, enabling the advanced auto-learn system to anticipate and block potential future threats to the security of your business.

Real-Time Cybersecurity Business Insights Enhance Email Threat Response

The EnGarde Cloud Email Security Real-Time Dashboard administrative portal provides complete visibility into your email security and the threats targeting your business, fostering rapid identification of potential threats and cyber incidents that can be used to mitigate damage and prevent future attacks. All emails are analyzed and classified  in real-time prior to delivery, reducing the risk of cyberattacks due to employee error and negligence. Emails that are deemed potentially malicious are quarantined and prioritized for expert analysis, classification and remediation.


Guardian Digital Fully-Managed Email Security Services Extend IT Resources to Improve Incident Response

When it comes to successful incident response, a shortage of cybersecurity resources and expertise is a significant hurdle that many organizations - especially SMBs - encounter. Guardian Digital fully-managed services and accessible support enable you to overcome this challenge, improving security and threat response by easing the load on your IT department and providing the ongoing system monitoring and expert guidance required to keep you safe. In the event that your business experiences a cyberattack or a data breach, we work with you to help you get back on your feet quickly and easily and ensure that your users and key assets are safe from future threats.

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