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Guardian Digital Responds to CISA Urgent Plea for Tech Titans to Take Ownership of Security Outcomes
March 2, 2023 -- N.J. Guardian Digital, the open source cloud email security company, today reaffirmed their commitment to protecting small businesses against vulnerabilities bypassing cloud email systems after the U.S. cyberintelligence director said technology providers need to be held responsible for security issues in the software they develop, and not shift that burden to consumers.
Guardian Digital Responds to Active Email Threats using Machine Learning, Open Source Intelligence Innovations
February 6, 2023 -- N.J. Guardian Digital protects organizations against advanced and emerging attacks using a unique combination of technologies in 2023 and beyond with multi-layered open source security defenses and machine learning.
Apache SpamAssassin 4.0.0 Released with Improved Classification & Performance
December 31, 2022 -- N.J. The Apache SpamAssassin project has released version 4.0.0 of its renowned open-source anti-spam platform with numerous tweaks and bug fixes and improved classification, performance and handling of text in international language. This release is an important milestone in the open source world, as Apache SpamAssassin has emerged as a testament to the security benefits of leveraging the open-source development model to combat the universal threat of spam email over the past two decades.
CISA, FBI Urge Small Businesses to Increase Protection Against Email Cyber Threats This Holiday Season
December 1, 2022, NJ - The United States government security apparatus is recommending shoppers and businesses be extra vigilant online during this holiday season, implement additional protection measures against fraud where necessary, and follow security best practices to avoid becoming a target.
Guardian Digital Cloud Email Security Addresses Complex Threat Environment Brought On By The US Midterm Elections
November 3, 2022 - N.J. - Guardian Digital surpasses traditional email protection methods that have been proven insufficient at preventing cyberattacks and breaches, securing businesses against phishing, ransomware, and other malicious threats with comprehensive, fully-managed email security services.
Guardian Digital Raises Awareness of Email Risk, Helps Businesses Protect against Cyberattacks & Data Breaches
September 29, 2022 - N.J. - Guardian Digital is celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month with a series of educational and practical initiatives in October, designed to inform businesses on how to better protect their users from the most advanced email security threats.
Guardian Digital Closes the Gaps in Endpoint Protection to Secure Business Email against Phishing & Ransomware
Sep 1, 2022 -- Midland Park, N.J. - Guardian Digital addresses the limitations of endpoint security solutions in fortifying business email against advanced and emerging threats with a proactive, fully supported email security suite.
Guardian Digital Cloud Email Security Addresses Critical Shortcomings in Email Protection, Reduces Management Complexity
August 1, 2022 -- Midland Park, N.J. Guardian Digital goes beyond traditional methods of email protection which have proven inadequate to defend against cyberattacks and breaches, securing businesses against phishing, ransomware, and other malicious threats with comprehensive, fully-managed email security services.
Guardian Digital Bolsters Inadequate Default Email Security Defenses, Protects Businesses against BEC with an Adaptive Cloud-Based Solution
Mar 6, 2022 -- Midland Park, N.J. - Guardian Digital safeguards businesses against damaging business email compromise (BEC) attacks that Gartner research confirms often go undetected by traditional email security defenses with a comprehensive, intuitive email security solution capable of blocking the most advanced and evasive threats.
Guardian Digital’s Managed Services Help Businesses Heed CISA’s Warning to Strengthen Email Security Defenses
Feb 24, 2022 -- Midland Park, N.J. - Guardian Digital addresses critical concerns raised by CISA for organizations to protect against an increase in data-wiping malware and other malicious cyber threats with a fully-managed email security solution that maximizes cyber resilience, adding critical additional layers of defenses against these damaging threats.

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