Prevent Cyberattacks and Data Breaches with Effective Email Security

Healthcare: Safeguard Email Against Phishing Attacks and Prevent Data Breaches

Digital security persists as a major area of concern for healthcare organizations. According to the 2019 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey, 82% of hospital respondents reported that, over a 12-month span, they had experienced a “significant security incident”. Phishing and impersonation scams are highly prevalent in the healthcare industry, and these attacks are often successful, frequently resulting in the compromise of sensitive data as well as serious compliance repercussions. With the alarming number healthcare organizations that are falling victim to serious email-borne exploits, it is clear that current email security defenses implemented by healthcare organizations are insufficient in protecting against advanced attacks and preventing breaches. 


Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security provides fully-managed, end-to-end email protection for organizations in the healthcare industry, safeguarding sensitive information with multi-layered encryption and email authentication protocols including SPF, DKIM and DMARC. EnGarde identifies and blocks both existing and emerging threats in real-time, preventing fraudulent or malicious mail from reaching the inbox.