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Healthcare Organizations: A Favorite Target Among Cyber Criminals

Healthcare clinicians and practitioners face unique and serious cyber security challenges, which have only been heightened due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The industry is a popular target among cyber thieves due to the copious amounts of patient data that healthcare organizations collect and the hurried nature of medical treatment. According to the 2019 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey, 82% of hospital respondents reported that, over a 12-month span, they had experienced a “significant security incident”.

Phishing and impersonation scams are becoming increasingly prevalent, sophisticated and effective, frequently resulting in the compromise of sensitive data and serious compliance repercussions for victims. With the growing number of healthcare organizations that are falling victim to email-borne exploits on a daily basis, it is apparent that email defenses implemented by these organizations are largely ineffective  in protecting against advanced attacks and preventing breaches. 


More Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations Than Ever Are Taking The Bait In Phishing Scams

Healthcare phishing attacks are causing significant disruptions and financial loss for organizations and patients alike. According to HIPAA, 60% of healthcare industry data breach involve phishing or other email attacks. And just recently, nearly 25,000 patient records were compromised by malicious hackers as the result of a phishing attack on Saint Agnes Health Care Inc. in Maryland.

Phishing campaigns, which have dominated the email threat landscape for over two decades, usually have one of two objectives when targeting organizations in the healthcare industry - to obtain access to PHI or to deliver ransomware. PHI is invaluable to cyber criminals, as it can be sold on the black market and used to create false identities, commit insurance fraud and obtain free medical treatment.

Ransomware Is Rampant in the Healthcare Industry

Ransomware also delivers valuable returns for threat actors. Once it has been installed on a healthcare organization's network, attackers can demand hefty ransom payments in exchange for the decryption of locked files. And by preventing critical patient care, threat actors know there is a strong incentive for organizations to pay the ransom.

Ransomware is not the only type of malware downloaded on healthcare organizations’ systems in phishing attacks - dangerous keystroke loggers and adware used to track online activity and record sensitive credentials are also frequently installed.


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Safeguard Sensitive Data and Maintain Client Trust with Threat-Ready, Full-Supported Protection

For over 20 years, we’ve been leveraging the innovative, collaborative open-source development model to protect healthcare organizations and their patients from persistent and emerging email-borne attacks. Our EnGarde Cloud Email Security provides multi-layered email defenses, and is remotely managed around-the-clock by a team of security engineers and support experts.

EnGarde seamlessly integrates with your email infrastructure, providing critical additional layers of security in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, which are highly vulnerable with default protection alone. The FBI reports that 30% of phishing emails make it through existing systems and are opened by target users. It is clear that better cloud email defenses are needed to safeguard healthcare organizations and sensitive patient data from modern digital threats.


Combat Phishing and Ransomware with Proactive Email Defenses

Phishing emails often employ malicious URLs to lure users to fraudulent websites where credentials are collected and can be used to compromise accounts, gain access to patient data and steal large amounts of money. These emails can also contain dangerous malware, which can halt operations and interfere with urgent patient care if downloaded onto your systems. 

Our EnGarde Cloud Email Security scans all URLs and attachments in real-time to detect malicious phishing and ransomware emails - comparing domains and hosts against common blocklists, scanning destination websites to determine if they are malicious or safe and conducting a dynamic analysis of all files. The advanced malicious URL protection we provide eliminates the risk of attacks that can be attributed to human error or malicious insiders.

Protect PHI and Prevent Email Fraud

Sensitive information collected from patients is a key asset in the healthcare industry that must be protected from loss, tampering and theft. Layered email authentication protocols implemented as part of a comprehensive, proactive  email security strategy are an effective way to combat sender fraud and safeguard sensitive information

EnGarde Cloud Email Security analyzes hundreds of thousands of attributes of every email that passes through its gateway in real-time, verifying the identity of the sender and only permitting safe, legitimate mail to reach your inbox. This provides medical professionals and healthcare workers with the invaluable peace of mind that their email is secure and their sensitive data is in good hands - allowing them to focus on patient care and minimizing distractions.


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