Guardian Digital's EnGarde Cloud Email Security Dashboard

Intuitive Dashboard Offers Complete Visibility into the Security of Your Email and the Threats Targeting Your Organization

Real-Time Email Security Insights

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security is a proactive, multi-tiered email protection suite designed to keep both SMBs and enterprises shielded from the latest cyber threats. The fully-managed solution features an interactive Dashboard administrative portal to deliver increased levels of security, effectiveness and cost-efficiency to your team.

The Dashboard provides valuable real-time insight into the security of your email, helping you pinpoint the threats targeting your business and the most highly targeted individuals within your organization so you can make better cybersecurity decisions - without any additional investment. A user-friendly interface presents data both numerically and graphically and features integrated reporting, simplifying administration, increasing operational efficiency and cutting management overhead for companies of all sizes in all industries.

With the EnGarde Cloud Email Security real-time Dashboard, you see what we see.

EnGarde Cloud Email Security Dashboard
Notable Features

User-friendly interactive interface presents data both numerically and graphically, giving you rich visual information you can act on now

“At-a-glance” Single Dashboard View accelerates threat response with all the data on the threats targeting your business clearly presented on one screen

Multiple timeframe options for viewing data and analyzing trends

Information is updated in real-time, saved for future analysis and presented in automatically-generated reports

Provides the ability to create and apply custom filters to both inbound and outbound emails based on criteria including senders and recipients, message content, attachments and email size

Tenant capabilities enable MSPs to easily view client data

Mobile-friendly display

Real-Time Protection, Real-Time Results.
Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats with Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security

EnGarde Cloud Email Security Dashboard Key Benefits

Provides your security team with accessible, real-time insight into the advanced modern threats targeting your business and the most targeted individuals within your organization, enabling improved cybersecurity planning and better enforcement of company security policies

Simplifies administration, providing the ability to manage every aspect of an email domain, including allow lists and block lists and numerous filter settings

Saves time and cuts management overhead with a straightforward visual overview of your email security data for the time frame you select, along with integrated reporting

Offers a mobile-friendly display that allows your email security intelligence to travel with you

Fosters a partnership between your business and Guardian Digital security experts through increased visibility and enhanced communication, enabling policy improvements to be quickly and easily implemented

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