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Stakes Are High in the Real Estate Industry

Real estate firms oversee large, complex transactions involving extensive sensitive client data. As a result, companies in this industry are a favorite target among cyber criminals. Email is a popular and convenient method of communicating with clients, but without critical additional defenses, cloud email also provides threat actors with an access point to your confidential information. Ninety-one percent of attacks are initiated with a phishing email - and a successful cyber attack often results in the compromise of critical data and the loss of hard-earned client trust. Reputation is everything in the real estate industry, and can be permanently damaged with one wrong click. How are you safeguarding your business against phishing and wire transfer fraud?


Spear Phishing: A Growing Concern in the Real Estate Industry

Real estate agencies, title companies and brokers are increasingly taking the bait in targeted phishing scams, and are facing serious financial and legal repercussions as a result. Attackers use stolen data obtained through these deceptive spear phishing campaigns to modify wiring instructions - often making over $1 million in a single fraudulent transfer.

Wire Transfer Fraud Is On The Rise

Wire transfer fraud is hammering the real estate industry, generating $221 million in losses in 2019. And, according to the FBI, only 15% of wire transfer fraud is reported. Donna Gregory, Unit Chief of the FBI’s IC3, warns, “Criminals are getting so sophisticated. It is getting harder and harder for victims to spot the red flags and tell real from fake.” 

Real Estate agencies can no longer depend on security awareness training and the implementation of digital security best practices to protect against these sophisticated scams. More is needed to secure your data, you clients and your brand.


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Threat-Ready Email Vigilance You Can Depend On

As malicious actors hone in on the real estate industry with their ever-evolving attack campaigns, it is more critical than ever that real estate firms be proactive in securing their key assets. Keeping pace with modern exploits demands an advanced, comprehensive cloud email security solution. For over two decades, we’ve been safeguarding companies in the real estate industry from persistent and emerging threats. Key benefits of our protection include:

Keeps You Ahead of Targeted Phishing and Impersonation Attacks

Phishing campaigns often use malicious URLs to direct users to fraudulent websites where credentials - which can be used to change wiring instructions and derail transactions - are stolen. We implement advanced URL defense - scanning all URLs in real-time to detect malicious links leading to compromise. We also analyze all email attachments for ransomware and other malicious code, which can result in significant downtime and lost profits if downloaded onto your systems.

Through a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to security, the use of a collaborative open-source development model and over 20 years of industry expertise, our EnGarde Cloud Email Security keeps real estate firms ahead of the latest, most sophisticated email attacks. 


Safeguards Sensitive Information and Prevents Email Fraud

Our EnGarde Cloud Email Security uses layered email authentication protocols - implemented to their fullest - to protect title companies, real estate agencies and other organizations in the real estate industry from email spoofing and sender fraud. We scrutinize hundreds of thousands of attributes of each email that passes through our gateway - ensuring that only safe, legitimate mail is delivered.

To protect your critical information, we employ multiple advanced email authentication standards and protocols in order to ensure that every email you receive is actually from who it says it’s from - not a malicious actor claiming to be the sender. 

Secures Cloud Email with Seamlessly-Integrated Additional Defenses

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are highly vulnerable to attack without critical additional layers of security. The FBI reports that 30% of phishing emails make it through existing systems and are opened by target users. We fortify Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email, protecting against credential theft and account takeovers with additional layers of defenses engineered to effectively complement the inadequate default security features provided by Microsoft and Google. 


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