Client Story: Digitize, Inc..

Nothing is more important to us than our customers. Every day, Guardian Digital solutions help organizations around the world secure their most business-critical email assets from hackers and phishing attacks.

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Advanced Threat Protection, Comprehensive Support, Increased User Productivity for Manufacturing Firm

Digitize, Inc.

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  • Small-business Budget
  • Inexperienced Users
  • Diverse Environment


  • Simplified Management 
  • Spam/Virus/Malware Protection
  • Extensive Support Services
  • Cost-effective Solutions

Solution: EnGarde Cloud Email Security

  • Proactive protection against phishing, ransomware and other threats businesses face using email
  • Around-the-clock system monitoring, maintenance and support extends limited IT resources to improve security, maximize productivity and offer invaluable peace of mind
  • Flexibility to customize EnGarde to specifically fit the demands of the corporation


  • Enhanced Email Security 
  • Reduce Spam by >99% 
  • Increased User Productivity 

Maximize Security for Small Business Email

manufacturing firm protects users with comprehensive fully managed email security phishing protection solution

Small business entrepreneurs are always looking for cost-effective business solutions. In a very aggressive market it is necessary to do things cheaper and faster than the competition. Being among so many organizations conducting business on the web, a powerful and secure Internet presence is essential to success.

With Internet attacks continuing to rise, network security is no longer a luxury. Smaller organizations have the same security requirements and productivity requirements as large enterprises but are consumed with limited budgets. Digitize, Inc. is a small but dynamic electronic manufacturing company in New Jersey. With 130 employees, Digitize, like any organization, was concerned about the security and efficiency of their network. As the only IT administrator on staff Harold Westra was interested in finding an easy to use secure way to optimize the productivity of their employees and network. Turning to Guardian Digital for a solution, Westra was introduced to Guardian Digital EnGarde Email Security Gateway.

Problem: Control Limitations

Looking to abandon the outdated firewall appliance and older version window based mail server they had in place, Westra began exploring alternatives. "In an effort to increase the efficiency of our network as well as our employees, I wanted to find a system that would give me more control over the company's email and Internet usage. It was also important that we found a product that would supply us with services so that our mobile users could securely access internal information," states Westra.

"The benefits we received after implementing the Guardian Digital EnGarde Email Security Gateway have been numerous. We are now more adept to enforce company policies in regards to email and Internet usage."
-- Harold Westra, IT Administrator, Digitize, Inc.

Customer Requirements

Before choosing products to evaluate, Westra did extensive research on possibilities based on the stringent selection criteria of Digitize. Besides more system control capabilities, security was another necessary factor. Housing sensitive data on their network, the threat of viruses and phishing attacks was a key concern. Engineered to be secure, EnGarde Email Security Gateway virtually eliminates common email threats with its multi-layered network defense features. More than just an email firewall, EnGarde Email Security Gateway contains intrusion detection, authentication mechanisms, access controls, spam and virus protection to consistently protect the integrity of the network.

"We depend on email and our website tremendously to communicate and provide information to our customers. A compromise of our system would cause a dramatic loss in sales and customers, writes Westra. "We really needed to find a rock-solid security system," he continues.

Being solely responsible for system administration and maintenance, Westra needed to choose a system that also included quality support services. Guardian Digital Managed Services is the best way to maintain and continue securing a corporate network. Guardian Digital proactively keeps our systems updated while at the same time receiving authoritative advice, information, and additional services from the experts. Providing automatic updates, customized security improvements, rapid response from tech support and many more services, Guardian Digital delivers the comprehensive support services required by Digitize.

The Perfect Solution

Possessing everything Digitize needed in a small email business server, EnGarde Email Security Gateway was the clear choice. "The benefits we received after implementing EnGarde Email Security Gateway have been numerous. We are now more adept to enforce company policies in regards to email and Internet usage; we can block unknown attachment extensions to prevent email born viruses, limit attachment size to protect network and mail server resources and much more. Webmail services allow our mobile users to access email and other important information from anywhere while system and vulnerability scanning ensures our network remains secure.

Customer Conclusion

EnGarde Email Security Gateway has enhanced the security and productivity at Digitize, Inc. "We were able to receive everything we required without having to purchase costly hardware appliances. With EnGarde Email Security Gateway in the cloud we can now better enforce company policies, regulate email for security purposes, save time managing spam and allow mobile users to access internal information from outside the LAN," said Westra.

Guardian Digital vulnerability scanning and detailed reports ensure Digitize consistently has the information necessary to keep their network secure. Continuing to providing comprehensive support services has also reinforced their purchasing decision. "We are very satisfied on the level of support we have received. On the day our server went live, response time and eradication of issues could not have been faster," writes Westra.

"Overall, EnGarde Email Security Gateway has addressed all our requirements and then some. With multiple solutions being offered in an all-in-one cost-effective system we are confident our company will realize a strong return on investment in a short amount of time."