Guardian Digital Success Stories

Nothing is more important to us than our customers. Every day, Guardian Digital solutions help organizations around the world secure their most business-critical email assets from hackers and phishing attacks.

We are proud to have loyal customers, many of whom have been with us for more than a decade. They’ve shared their success stories with us and we’d like to share them with you and others in the IT community — we want your business to have the same email safeguards and peace of mind that others have found with Guardian Digital.

Whether it’s the comprehensive engineered security designed by our engineers, the cost-effectiveness of open source software, or our unparalleled customer support, Guardian Digital customers across the world rely on our expertise and ability to deliver value.


Cost-Effective Phishing, Managed Email Security for Energy Services Provider

Piedmont Natural Gas of Charlotte



  • Limited Budget
  • Needed Improved Spam/Malware Protection
  • Complex User Environment
  • Malicious Links and Phishing Attacks


  • Simplified Management 
  • Powerful Functionality 
  • Extensive Support Services
  • Cost-effective Solutions
  • User & Network Controls


  • EnGarde Cloud Email Security: Control Email Usage and Eliminate Spam
  • Managed Services: Monitor Email and Network Activities, Troubleshoot and Resolve Technical Incidents 
  • Premium Support Services: Automatic Updates, Built-in Alerts, Customized Security Improvements


  • Enhanced Network Security 
  • Reduce Spam by >99%
  • Secure Web Presence
  • Network Monitoring and Support
  • Increased User Productivity 
  • Ability to Access Internal Network From Any Location

High Performance, High Security, Secure Email Excitement

natural gas services company protects users from phishing malware and ransomware attacks

When John Cahill, Senior Network Security Engineer for Piedmont Natural Gas of Charlotte, North Carolina, was assigned with the responsibility of developing a secure Internet presence for e-mail functions for their corporate users, Guardian Digital was the clear choice.

Piedmont Natural Gas Company is an energy and services company primarily engaged in the transportation, distribution and sale of natural gas to over 690,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Piedmont is the second-largest natural gas utility in the Southeast.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Email Security Gateway provided all the services Cahill needed for his organization to securely communicate online and protect them against malicious email attachments, viruses, and unwanted email.

"We looked at implementing a Microsoft Office 365 solution, but needed something more," writes John Cahill. "Next we looked at Symantec, however the admins were not ready for the administrative overhead," he continues.

Improved Email Visibility, Purpose-built Scalable Cloud Solution

Other solutions were considered, but at more than three times the price, they did not include the redundancy required for his environment. "I was finally able to convince them that Guardian Digital EnGarde Email Security Gateway was a better option for the money, and we then purchased four Guardian Digital cloud systems." 

"I saved $30k and was able to buy four Guardian Digital cloud systems, providing the redundancy we required," exclaims John Cahill.

Cost was a big factor in their decision process, as was the quality of support. "I mean the Guardian Digital support engineers bend over backwards for users of their free trial version, imagine how much of a back flip it must be when you pay!!"

"I'm always looking for ways to improve our infrastructure in a secure and cost-effective manner. With their track record of strong, secure products, great support, Guardian Digital was the clear choice for me."

- John Cahill, Senior Network Security Engineer, Piedmont Natural Gas