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After 8 Years of Remote-Access Trojans Attacks, Can We Still Say Linux is Secure?

Criminals are Exploiting Fears Over COVID-19

Guardian Digital Selects Mautic to Solve Marketing Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

Open-Source Security Is Opening Eyes

At the time, Wreski was bucking conventional wisdom: After all, who builds a security system from free software, when proprietary systems are seemingly safer? Today, however, Wreski's dream doesn't seem so ridiculous. Guardian Digital now employs more than 20 people and boasts more than 5,000 customers for its hardware, software updates, and support.

The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache SpamAssassin v3.4.1

Internet security company Guardian Digital utilizes the best-of-breed technology available in SpamAssassin to build enterprise security solutions for some of the largest companies in the world. "Using Apache SpamAssassin as a framework, our email protection system helps the most successful organizations protect their data from all forms of email attacks," stated Dave Wreski, President and CEO of Guardian Digital.

What you need to know about the GnuTLS Linux bug

“There are hundreds of packages that use the GnuTLS encryption libraries, so virtually every Linux user is affected,” warned Dave Wreski, CEO of open source security firm Guardian Digital as well as founder and lead developer at In fact, the bug appears to be more than 10 years old, “so it probably affects every Linux system currently in operation that utilizes the GnuTLS library,” he told me.

Least Privilege Gains Popularity

Wreski says one of the best ways to leverage least privilege is to find vendors that have used this development in the past. He comments, 'For this, it helps significantly to have both the OS and the application come from secure, unified development. Unified development from security vendors is one of the best ways to ensure that both applications and the platform are engineered with least privilege…

IDC: Security the #1 Reason Companies Use Open Source

The analysis made a specific point that companies had "deployed open-source technology primarily to ensure protection from security threats." Guardian Digital has known the value Open Source has for security and has been using the Open Source model for almost a decade to provide comprehensive protection.

Q&A: Guardian Digital CEO on open-source security

Our customers come to us because we have the solution to their specific business problem — the fact that it’s open source is seen as a benefit, knowing that typically no security or programming expertise is required.

Strategy Interview: The Business Case for Linux Security Pioneer, Guardian Digital

Computer Business Review Online interview's CEO Dave Wreski about the particulars of existing in one of the most competitive markets in any industry today. With probing insight into the status, strategies and goals of one of the most prominent security vendors in the open source community, this interview provides a quick and effective synopsis on some of the most pressing business challenges facing security providers.

The Recipe for a Secure Server: Using Linux to protect your servers from threats and attacks.

Step by step, task by task, the security experts at Guardian Digital show you how to lock-down your Linux server with an in-depth view of what you need, when you need it and how to use it. Don't miss this!

A Story of Vision and Progress: How to Endure and Succeed as an Open Source Security Vendor

The personal trek of how Guardian Digital's CEO, Dave Wreski, created a compelling business model on his own, to create a thriving open source company. Veteran journalist Bruce Byfield gets to the heart of its start as an aspiration that open source would provide "a superior vehicle" to provide Internet Security: A probing expose on how to take a bold idea into a successful reality.


Wreski says Guardian Digital turned profitable eight months ago and is growing by 10% each quarter, much faster than the low single-digit growth for the overall security sector, according to tech consultancy Gartner.

Network World Fusion

Dave Wreski, CEO of Guardian Digital, told NewsFactor that the average Linux distribution "tries to be all things to all people," which makes it difficult to secure the system.


The security improvements [over standard distribution packages] in Guardian Digital's products not only reduce the risk of cracker attacks, but also the financial risk and business downtime.

Zlib security flaw could affect numerous programs

Wreski, director at Guardian Digital Inc., an open-source security company in Saddle River, New Jersey, said zlib is also used in embedded applications, so the effects of any security flaw would be wide-reaching.

Rainbow And Guardian Digital Team Up On Linux Security Acceleration

Rainbow’s CryptoSwift is the market’s leading SSL acceleration solution, which not only provides high levels of security for each transaction, but optimizes performance of Web servers to prevent transactional bottlenecks and poor server performance, said Dave Wreski, president, Guardian Digital.

Security Group Warns of Linux Flaw

Guardian Digital Chief Executive Officer, Dave Wreski, sits down with Paul Roberts of IDG News to discuss the recent Linux kernel vulnerability warning.

Guardian Digital Upgrades Open Source Secure Mail Server

[Guardian Digital Platform] is designed as a platform for secure Internet applications. It includes integrated intrusion detection, cryptography, improved authentication and access control, and protection from buffer overruns, denial of service attacks and other intrusion techniques.

Start-up banks on hack-proof Linux

Start-up Guardian Digital has launched an effort to sell a version of Linux that's less vulnerable to attack, a niche the company hopes will gain it a foothold in the market for the Unix-like operating system.

Flaw leaves Linux computers vulnerable

The software bug--known as a double-free vulnerability--causes key memory-management functions in the zlib compression library to fail, a condition that could allow a smart attacker to compromise computers over the Internet, said Dave Wreski, director for open-source security company Guardian Digital.

Updated program opens Unix security hole

A hurdle for would-be attackers is that administrative utilities such as the one that controls printers typically can't open a shell for issuing commands to the computer, said Dave Wreski, chief technology officer of Guardian Digital.

EnGarde Linux gets a secure mail server

The Guardian Digital Secure Mail Suite is being billed as a secure, spam-fighting mail platform for enterprises, ISPs and small businesses.

Linux kernel vulnerability is behind Debian attack

Linux distributors had been working to coordinate a release of a fix for the problem, said Dave Wreski, chief executive officer with Guardian Digital Inc., the vendor of a secure Linux distribution.

Security group warns of hole in Linux kernel

Critical Linux kernel vulnerabilities are rare and the disclosure of two such holes within weeks of each other is unprecedented, Wreski said.

The 9th Annual Well-Connected Awards

And the winner is... Guardian Digital takes first place in the Hardened Linux Solution category. “We're pleased to bring you the winners of the 9th Annual Well-Connected Awards, live from Networld+Interop in Las Vegas Nevada.”

IDC: Security the #1 Reason Companies Use Open Source

The analysis made a specific point that companies had "deployed open-source technology primarily to ensure protection from security threats." Guardian Digital has known the value Open Source has for security and has been using the Open Source model for almost a decade to provide comprehensive protection.