Guardian Digital, Inc. Elevates Email Security for Businesses with Advanced, Fully-Supported Protection Solutions

May 27, 2024 -- N.J. Guardian Digital, Inc., a pioneer in business email security, today unveiled an advanced enhancement to its adaptive email protection system, specifically engineered to support the unique needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. This initiative responds to the escalating sophistication of email-based cybersecurity threats such as ransomware, spear phishing, and zero-day attacks.

By integrating more frequent updates and superior defense mechanisms, Guardian Digital’s Complete Email Protection system provides robust security through its inherently secure design. Utilizing a collaborative, open-source development model, the company ensures its customers benefit from the most resilient and contemporary protection available, thus effectively securing business emails.

A spokesperson of Guardian Digital emphasized the importance of advanced security measures, stating, "In the current digital era, where email threats are increasingly complex, delivering powerful, adaptable protection is essential. Our system counters these threats and alleviates the complexity of managing email security, ensuring sustained operational security with reduced overhead."

Guardian Digital enhances the built-in protections of platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace by adding critical layers of security that address prevalent issues such as credential phishincybersafetyg and account takeovers. The company’s expert, full-time support services extend the capabilities of internal IT departments by providing setup assistance, continuous monitoring, and maintenance to boost security and productivity.

A spokesperson added, "Our proactive, multi-layered security strategy ensures that businesses of all sizes receive the highest level of email protection needed, tailored to their specific requirements. This includes our commitment to full-time support services, which act as an extension of your IT team, delivering the expert guidance needed to navigate the complex landscape of emerging threats."

The company's dedication to the open-source model drives innovation. It cultivates a community of enthusiastic users and developers committed to enhancing internet security. As cyber threats evolve, Guardian Digital remains at the forefront of technological advancement, providing essential tools and support to help businesses maintain a secure digital environment.

About Guardian Digital

Founded in 1999, Guardian Digital has been at the forefront of leveraging open-source software to secure the world's largest enterprises. Dave Wreski, the company's founder and CEO, was inspired by the potential of open source while working as a security engineer at UPS in Mahwah, New Jersey. Guardian Digital provides fully managed services and accessible support to improve security, maximize productivity, simplify deployment, and ease the burden on IT departments by offering setup assistance and ongoing system monitoring and maintenance.

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