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Modern Threats Demand Innovative Protection

The digital threat landscape is rapidly evolving, making it increasingly difficult for businesses to stay ahead of the latest email-borne attacks. Effective email security is imperative to the safety and success of small companies and enterprises alike, and failing to adequately secure email accounts puts an organization’s employees, data and reputation in serious danger.

Many business email security solutions have fallen behind, unable to keep pace with modern threats. This results in incomplete or ineffective protection, which often provides organizations with a false sense of security. Are your email accounts an open door for threat actors’ advanced attacks?


Staying Ahead of Email Threats Doesn’t Need to be Difficult

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security evolves with the latest email threats, providing comprehensive, fully-managed protection against advanced and emerging attacks. Guardian Digital employs a collaborative, distributed approach to software development which enables the company to utilize resources from far beyond its borders in a way that no other vendor is capable of doing - resulting in unrivaled email protection at affordable prices.

Guardian Digital also recognizes that expert, caring customer support is a critical component of any effective email security solution that is often overlooked by providers. Guardian Digital partners with each client, taking time to fully understand their key assets and ensuring that these assets are safeguarded.

Real-Time Protection, Real-Time Results.
Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats with Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security

EnGarde Cloud Email Security Key Features & Benefits:

Multi-tiered solution that leverages resources and tools from a vibrant worldwide community and can be seamlessly implemented into businesses’ existing email infrastructure

Increased productivity and peace of mind with fully-managed end-to-end protection that blocks the most sophisticated threats to privacy and data integrity in real-time

Critical additional protection against credential theft and account takeovers in Microsoft 365

Adaptive advanced threat protection from phishing, spam and other malicious threats

Scalable cloud-based system that simplifies deployment and increases availability 

Exceptional around-the-clock customer support services


Effective Enterprise-Grade Email Security for All

EnGarde Cloud Email Security provides highly effective protection that is suitable for enterprises and small companies alike. Through the use of a collaborative, distributed development approach, Guardian Digital uniquely makes enterprise-grade email security available to small- and medium-sized businesses.

Guardian Digital’s customers range from small companies to large corporations and represent all sectors: hospitality, real estatelegal, financial, healthcare, IT and government. Since the company’s inception in 1999, it has attracted over 500 clients in almost every international market. 


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