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Guardian Digital, Inc. builds enterprise email security solutions that provide unparalleled protection from every form of email threat. We have created a security-as-a-service email gateway model that blocks the most sophisticated threats to privacy and data integrity in organizations today.

With its state-of-the-art technology and with decades of cyber security software engineering experience behind it, Guardian Digital’s EnGarde Cloud Email Security creates a multi-layered email defense that not only protects business email from threats but also anticipates them.

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Email Security Breaches: A Worldwide Threat

Reports of corporate data breaches continue to pass through news headlines with such frequency that they barely merit a time slot in the evening news. According to a study conducted by The Ponemon Institute in June 2016, an alarming 85% of respondent businesses admitted that they have experienced a data security breach. Despite the frequency of such security failures, 46% of businesses failed to implement encryption solutions even after suffering a data breach. Organizations experiencing a data breach incurred costs across the board.

  • 74% report loss of customers
  • 59% faced potential litigation
  • 33% faced potential fines
  • 32% experienced a decline in share value

This doesn’t account for the toll on a company’s reputation and brand image, recovery costs after the breach, and the disruption in service during the process.

Because Guardian Digital’s solutions are built on an advanced cloud platform that combines open-source technology with the security expertise of our engineers, the result is a system that updates rapidly and learns over time to protect business email from advanced and persistent threats.

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Current Threat Landscape

  • Two-thirds of SMBs have suffered a cyber attack in the past 12 months.
  • Hackers can take advantage of vulnerabilities in operating systems (OS) and applications if they are not properly patched or updated. This puts all of the data on those system and other connected systems at risk.
  • One educational institution that was breached contained it quickly, had no media involvement and spent pennies per record. Yet, the same university experienced a breach of one record when an inadvertent "replay to all" email ended up in the media. That cost over $1,000 to repair the damage for just one record.
  • Email has been the top source of data breaches in the healthcare industry this past year.
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The EnGarde Cloud Email Security

Our system is an elegant and cost-effective solution that can be implemented quickly to deliver a rapid return on investment (ROI), and increase shareholder value to enterprises, service providers, and governmental entities worldwide.

EnGarde Cloud Email Security:

  • Blocks ransomware and other stealthy advanced attacks that evade traditional email security
  • Detects complex and stealthy advanced attacks more quickly and accurately
  • Designed to learn from previously unknown threats, reducing future exposure
  • Keeps confidential data secure by blocking malignant messages and encrypting email
  • Secures sensitive information with a cloud-security gateway
  • Protects from advanced threats, including polymorphic zero-day malware, malicious URLs, and weaponized attachments (including macro viruses)
  • Receive detailed reports on highly-targeted email attacks against your company

The definitive source for open-source security, Guardian Digital is also the primary sponsor of, the Internet's central source of news, insights, security advisories and other information regarding Linux and Open Source security issues.

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Management Team

David Wreski, President and CEO

Kelly Haggerty, Chief Financial Officer

Greg Strange, Vice President of Engineering

Brittany Day, Director of Marketing

Larisa Mendez Downes, Director of Communications